How Much is Sammy Sosa Worth?

Sammy Sosa is an established qualified athlete whose net worth is approximately $80 million. He has competed for a number of acclaimed teams over the span of his course. Making numerous well-paying deals has taken his earnings to a great level.

The starting point of his outstanding sporting course went smoothly, as he played it all well for the Texas Rangers. In a matter of weeks, he was shifted to another team of Chicago White Sox where he had bagged 15 home runs in the very primary games. Since 1992, his life has been closely connected with the Chicago Cub team for over more than a decade. While working with them, he had started breaking global records that he did very well.

Other than that, he received the honorific name of the most profitable member in the league. Terrific athlete managed to be the first baseballer to keep the total sum of home runs over 60. In 2005, he changed the club again, that time it was Baltimore Orioles crew. Soon after, he returned to his first team of Texas Rangers. This was a sudden end point of his path after which he decided to leave the playground.

Due to his incredible playing skills, Sammy Sosa has a lot of awards in honor of his name. They include being an All-Star for seven times. Among other accolades, he has been the owner of Silver Slugger prize six times. He also received huge recognition and grew into a key figure in the history of the kind of sport he chose. He has notably earned a good fortune of income with his dedicated hard work and passion towards a game.