Sarah Hyland

Sarah Hyland Net Worth is $9 Million



$9 million


$9 million



Sarah Hyland net worth

Nicknames: Sarah Jane Hyland, SJ, Raindrop

Date of birth: the 24th of November, 1990

Profession: actress, producer

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: movies, television

It is a desirable thing for everyone to become rich. But this thing is even more desirable, if you become rich at a young age. Sarah Hyland owns a net worth of $9 million, being just 26-year-old girl. She has already reached a lot – she has become a star and a millionaire. In press she is called as the new hope of Hollywood. What is the main source of Sarah Hyland’s wealth? What is her additional income? And what did she do to become one of the best young actresses in the world?

Sarah Hyland was born in a family of two actors, Edward James Hyland and Melissa Canaday. Her fate challenged the girl from her first days in this world. Sarah was born with numerous health problems. When she was 9, the girl was diagnosed with kidney dysplasia. The doctors told to her parents, their daughter would never live a normal life. Then her mother answered, that she wouldn’t live a normal life, because she would live an extraordinary life. In 2012 Sarah’s father donated his kidney to her. The girl passed through kidney transplant operation.

From that moment Sarah decided to do, what she likes as life is short and it is important to devote it to the things you love. As acting was her greatest passion, she decided to become a professional actress.

Sarah Hyland started to save her net worth, when she was cast as Haley in the “Modern Family”. When the project became popular, the actress started to earn $15, 000 per episode (estimated by Therichest). Her other popular screen works are “Audrey Hepburn Story”, “Spanglish”, “Blind Date” and many others.

Movies and TV series are the main source of Sarah’s income. Her additional income comes from her endorsement deals. She appeared in numerous commercials, including the OP clothing line and Nintendo 3DS.

In 2015 the young actress tried her hand as a producer. She produced the movie “See You in Valhalla” and played the leading role there.

Hopefully, Sarah Hyland’s net worth and career will be flourishing for decades. 

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