Sarah Wright

Sarah Wright Net Worth is $2 Million

How rich is Sarah Wright?

Nickname: Sarah Fay Wright

Date of birth: the 28th of September, 1983

Profession: actress, model

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: television, movies, modeling

How Much is Sarah Wright Worth?

The actress and model Sarah Wright can boast with $2 million net worth. She earned her wealth, being completely busy in an entertainment industry. A dazzlingly beautiful woman, she used her magnetism to make millions of dollars.

Sarah Wright started to get a solid paycheck at the age of 16, when she won the fashion model competition, arranged by the apparel brand Mossimo. But modeling was not Sarah’s aim. She dreamed about acting.

Wright debuted in Fox series “Quintuplets”, which tells about the big family, full of teens. The young actress got a regular role of Paige Chase, the emotional girl, who cared too much about her appearance. Having gained initial popularity, Sarah continued her career of an actress. Her other significant screen works include but not limited to the series “Parks and Recreation”, “7th Heaven”, “How I Met Your Mother”, “American Made” (where she co-starred Tom Cruise).

Sarah Wright and Tom Cruise in American Made

Sarah Wright’s Way On Top

Born Sarah Fay Wright spent her early years in Louisville, Kentucky. She was raised by Robert and Debbie Wright. Her father earned his living as a preacher. Sarah has a brother Samuel. He used to serve in Iraq.

Sarah Wright young

Sarah was educated at Seneca High School in her native city. She was fond of music and even was a member of the band The Kentucky Ambassadors of Music. When Sarah reached her teens, she became a real beauty. No wonder, that the girl was scouted by an agent. With his help Sarah Wright started career of a model, which brought her first money. She put her earnings to the higher level, when she starred at Mossimo model contest.

Sarah Wright net worth

Currently Sarah Wright joins her career with motherhood. She has 2 children with an actor Eric Christian Olsen.

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