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Selena Perez

Selena Perez Net Worth is $10 Million

How rich was Selena Perez?

Nicknames: Selena Quintanilla-Pérez, the Queen of Tejano music

Date of birth: the 16th of April, 1971

Date of death: the 31st of March, 1995

Cause of death: murder

Profession: singer, songwriter, actress

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: music

How Much is Selena Perez Worth?

Late Selena Perez passed away at a very young age. Nevertheless, even that time was enough for her to save $10 million net worth (the other source estimates her wealth at $25 million).

 Selena Perez net worth and successful career

Selena earned her living as a singer. Her incredible talent soon helped her to develop a large fan base, and it provided her with high level of income.

Selena Perez has become a star after the release of her second album “Ven Conmigo”. The album has become a massive hit and Selena managed to sell 500, 000 copies of it. The disk was ranked as three times platinum. That made the young performer Selena a real star.

Music has become the main source of Selena Perez income. But it was not the only one. The talented girl tried her hand as an actress. She made a cameo appearance in Mexican series “Two women, one path”. Thus, she made some cash through acting.

Selena Perez singing

Another alternative source of wealth for Selena Perez was the work of a fashion designer. The incredibly beautiful girl, she wanted to share her feeling of style with her fans. Selena developed the clothing line and opened two boutiques, named “Selena Etc”.

Probably, Selena Perez could earn much more, but her life was suddenly interrupted.

Selena Perez Bio

Selena Perez is a self-made woman, who was brought up by poor parents. So, she earned each cent from her net worth herself. The girl was born in Lake Jackson, TX in the family of Marcella Ofelia and Abraham Quintanilla. Aside Selena, her parents had a daughter and a son.

Selena was introduced to music at a very young age. Her father was a musician, and he encouraged his kids to practice music. As Selena parents told, they had noticed the girl’s talent to music at a very early age.

In early 1980s Selena father opened a restaurant. There the girl and her two siblings debuted as musicians. They called their family band “Selena y Los Dinos”. Soon the number of restaurant clients doubled, because lots of people popped in to listen to the great music of a home-made band.

Selena Perez bio

The oil glut crisis hurt Abraham Quintanilla financial stability, and he had to close the restaurant. The popularity of his kids’ band gave him another idea, how to become rich. Abraham decided to make money through music.

Selena and her siblings performed literally in the streets at first, but then their music was noticed by reputable producers.

Selena, who chose an unusual for a woman subgenre of Latin music – Tejano, has become a sensation very quickly. She released her debut album “Selena” in collaboration with EMI Latin music label.

During her short life the singer presented 5 albums. Her fan base was enormous, people loved her. Ironically, her fan club has become the reason of her death.

Selena Perez Death

Selena Perez killer Yolanda Saldívar (in red)

Selena Perez was killed from a gun by Yolanda Saldívar, the president of her fan club.

Yolanda was a nurse, who liked Selena Perez music. She convinced Abraham Quintanilla to found Selena’s fan club. Abraham agreed and appointed Yolanda as a fan club president. But soon Selena got numerous letters from her fans, where they accused Yolanda Saldívar in taking money for some merchandize or other services and keeping them to herself.

Selena invited Yolanda Saldívar to a motel room to discuss the financial problems. During their meeting Yolanda and Selena quarreled, and as a result Saldívar shot into Selena’s back from a gun. The doctors couldn’t save her life.

Selena Perez House (Former)

Selena Perez husband Chris Perez

Selena Perez murder shook the world. Her fans came from various places of our planet to visit Selena’s boutiques and to see her house.

Selena Perez house

The famous singer lived in a simple ranch-style house with her husband Chris Perez, who was a bus-guitarist in her band. 

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