Multi Zero Paychecks. Why Is Carli Bybel More Expensive than Other Beauty Bloggers?

 Carli Bybel as self made celebrity

“My first and favorite guru I watch on YouTube”

“You look gorgeous beautiful sexy delicious”

“I remember watching you going into high school, I'm now a sophomore in college and still watch you lady. You are a big part of my inspiration in life. I love you”

These words the fans of a beauty blogger Carli Bybel write about her in social media. For many people all over the world she is just “sexy babe” or “beauty guru”. She wears shiny clothes, huge sunglasses and dramatically short skirts. The girl looks really hot and attractive, but we decided to make her the heroine of our story not because of her magnetism.

 Carli Bybel started from scratch

Carli started to make YouTube videos in 2011 and now she is one of the most followed YouTube beauty bloggers in the world. Within short 6 years she made a long way from an unknown girl to a celebrity with $8 million net worth.

PiNetworth has been following Carli Bybel career and wants to tell you her story to make you sure, everything is possible. She has made that – and you can make it too!

Who is Carli Bybel?

What is necessary to become successful? Please, take a pencil and answer this question to yourself. Is it necessary to be born with some talent? Is it necessary to be beautiful or to get great education?

Who is Carli Bybel?

Carli Bybel is a self-made person. She was born in an ordinary American family. Although it is not confirmed, many fans write about her “Palestine” roots. The girl grew up in a family of 4 – she had a mother, a father and a sister Amanda. In one of her YouTube videos she shared with her fans sad news about her father’s death. She spent her early years in Morganville, New Jersey, USA.

Carli Bybel and her sister Amanda

The YouTube star hasn’t tell yet, what school or college she visited. But in her interview to Fox channel Carli told that she used to work as a freelance makeup artist. Very often her friends asked her about some beauty tips or begged to show, how she had created some look. That inspired her to start making beauty videos and send them to her friends. Later she uploaded some videos to YouTube.

Carli Bybel – The Birth of a Brand

Watching Carli Bybel videos, you can notice, how her brand was born. She founded the channel “Carli Bybel” in summer, 2011. On the 25th of August she posted her first video – a curling hair tutorial.

Carli Bybel showed how to curl hair in her first video

It was the first brick, from which “Carli Bybel” Empire was built.

Currently the simple girl has already turned into a beauty brand. She still develops her channel – and it can boast with 5 million subscribers now. In addition Carli started another channel – “InnerBeautyBybel”. Besides the girl has her own fashion blog, Instagram and FaceBook accounts.

Carli Bybel net worth is $8 million

Nowadays Carli Bybel monthly income is estimated at $16, 000. In her interview she opened up, that YouTube videos is the main source of her wealth.

Carli Bybel with her shadow palette

Carli gets the major part of her payments from endorsements. She is signed with lash making brand “Velour” and Cold Style network. But Carli always tells her fans, when the video is sponsored.

Bybel has her own line of clothes too. She sells dresses and glamour suits from her collection as well as Carli Bybel shadow palette.

Carli Bybel recreated Megan Fox makeup in one of her videos

The beautiful girl met her big break after posting celebs’ make up tutorials. She taught her viewers, how to look like Jennifer Lopez, Megan Fox, Katy Perry and others.

Carli is always ready to entertain her fans and inspire them to create the best looks. Not long ago she posted video of “wonder woman” makeup, where she tried to create the hot look of Gal Gadot while filming “Wonder Woman”.

Carli Bybel recreated Gal Gadot-Wonder Woman look

Although Carli’s ideas very often are not affordable for her fans, still they shower the girl with compliments: “OMG I just checked the price of the costume and its $1,200. I wanted to get it so bad. Perfect costume for you!”

Many people think, that to start the own brand, it is necessary to invest lots of cash in it – but not in case of Carli Bybel. She confessed in her interview that she filmed videos herself, just staying in her room.

Carli Bybel Love Life

Carli Bybel with her BF Brett

The Queen of Makeup, Carli Bybel doesn’t forget about her personal life too. She is dating another YouTube star BrettCap, who has his own fitness channel.

Carli and Brett started dating during their years in a high school. Later they hired an apartment together, and now Carli and her fiancé are planning to buy a house.


Carli Bybel interview

How did Carli reach her Olympus? PiNetworth asked the girl to share her beauty routine and some of her success secrets.

PiNetworth (PI): You look great! You are in a great shape. What is the secret?

Carli Bybel (CB): Brett (boyfriend) is the reason I am in such a great shape. He is my fitness trainer, and I plan to make videos of my workout routine at home and in gym soon.

Each week I go shopping with my BF and we buy healthy food – organic and gluten free. I include lots of grains in my meals as they are useful for both, body and brain. I have different kinds of grains, such as Amaranth ones and others. Not long ago I decided to become a vegan.

Carli Bybel keeps fit due to vegan diet

PI: The shape and great look is the part of your success. What other secret of success do you have?

CB: I have never expected such fame and did my videos just to share my beauty routine with my friends. Even my mother didn’t believe in my idea to make YouTube channel my full-time job. So, the secret is to do what you like and never listen to those, who don’t believe in you!

Carli Bybel with her Mom

PI: How did you get an idea to start YouTube Channel?

CB: Before I started my channel, I had been making the ends meet, working as a freelance makeup artist. I did makeup at weddings, sixteenth birthday parties, graduate parties etc. Makeup has always been my passion. Nevertheless I had always been a guest at someone’s party, and I wanted to start something of my own. Thus my friend Samantha Morales and I decided to start our projects: I founded YouTube channel and she became a DJ. She is on her tour now, and I am proud of her.

Carli Bybel says, she is just a normal girl

PI: Some of your fans suppose that your beauty is not real – that it is a result of plastic surgery.

CB: That sounds redic! My body – my breasts, hips and lips – is real. Frankly speaking, I did lip filler two years ago, nevertheless I haven’t done it since then and removed the remaining juviderm from my lips. So, that’s how I look!

Carli Bybel insists, her look is real

PI: What can you advise to our readers?

CB: When I started my channel, I knew nothing about it. But during these 6 years I’ve changed 5 cameras and video editing software. I have been evolving with my subscribers. But till now I’m just a normal girl, who is sitting in my room – there can be even some mess in it – and doing what I like. Be sure, you can achieve all your goals and never give up!

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