Seth Green wife Clare Grant: “I consider myself as a gamer in different aspects!”

Seth Green wife Clare Grant

When you look at Seth Green wife Clare Grant, the famous actress, the first thing you think about her is self confidence. This woman seems to be really confident in everything she does. She likes the movies she makes, she likes her activity as a producer, and of course, she likes her famous husband Seth Green. Clare and Seth are two busy-busy people. Nevertheless they always find time for each other! Who inspired Clare Grant to become an actress? And how did she meet Seth Green? Read to know!

Seth Green wife Clare Grant Childhood

Clare Grant young

Born Clare Camille Johnson spent her early years in Memphis. She grew up in a family of Clarence and Glenna Johnson, who worked as a DJ and real estate agent respectively. Glenna and Clarence created a big friendly family. They welcomed 8 kids, and one of them, Clare, the eldest, has become a celebrity.

Clare Johnson was introduced to the theater through school. At first she starred in school plays – and soon she has become popular among the pupils of her school due to her acting skills. She liked to play in different meanings of this word – on the stage, at home and with her friends. “I consider myself as a gamer in different aspects!” the actress told once.

Clare Grant says, she is "a gamer"

Then she moved her path to the local theater and caught an eye of Memphis film director called Craig Brewer. He noticed the girl’s talent and convinced her to act professionally. In her hometown Clare Grant appeared in five local plays and in TV commercials. Having graduated from school, she moved to LA to start career of an actress.

Clare Grant Career

Joaquin Phoenix and Clare Grant in Walk the Line

Clare Grant acted in a number of independent films, such as “Walk the Line”, “Black Snake Moan”, “The Smallest Oceans”.

James Mangold film “Walk the Line” has become Clare’s visiting card. The biopic drama had everything to become a hit – a great cast, including young Reese Witherspoon and handsome Joaquin Phoenix, the great music and extensive budget.

No wonder, that the film became the sensation of the year, and although Clare Grant had a small role in the movie, her heroine even had no name and was credited as “Lissome Girl”, still it was a great start for the debutant, and made her face recognizable.

The other important work in Clare Grant career was in the animated series “Star Wars: The Clone Wars”. The talented actress gave her voice to Latts Razzi, who appeared in 3 episodes of the series. As Clare opened up in her interview, she was always interested in Star Wars movies, and even had suits of all main heroes of the franchise at home in her teens. That’s why she was glad to become the part of this legendary project.

Among other Clare Grant popular screen works there are such films and series as “Castle”, “Mad”, “Phantom Halo” etc. Since 2010 Clare Grant participates in TV projects of her husband – and actor and producer Seth Green.

Seth Green and Clare Grant Love Story

Seth Green and his wife Clare Grant

Although Clare Grant is 7 cm taller than her husband Seth Green and is 6 years younger than him, still they look pleasant together. Two celebrities met at the re-opening of a book store “Golden Apple Comics” in 2007. From that moment they understood, that share a passion to comic books. That was a promising beginning, that’s why the actors decided to develop it. The next time Clare met her future husband at Comic-Con, and they were so glad to see each other, that exchanged phone numbers. After the meeting, Seth called the girl and invited her for a friendly date. They spent great time together and decided to be friends.

But later things got more serious. They both cooperated on creating the hit series “Robot Chicken”. That work made Seth and Clare closer, and they finally started dating.

Seth Green and Clare Grant met in 2007

The couple tied a knot in 2010, on the first day of May at Skywalker Ranch. From that moment Seth Green and Clare Grant share a lot – the same roof, the screen projects and fast food.

Although family happiness is a rare thing in Hollywood, Seth Green and Clare Grant seem to know its secret. Very often journalists and fans ask them, what they do to keep their love to each other for years. “We simply like each other”, Clare Grant said.

Seth Green and Clare Grant got married in 2010 and till now they are happy together

But Seth Green turns to be more open. “Clare is an amazing woman and reliable partner. She is my best friend. I love and respect her”, the star tells. 

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