Seth MacFarlane

Seth MacFarlane Net Worth is $194 Million

How rich is Seth MacFarlane?

Nickname: Seth Woodbury MacFarlane

Date of birth: the 26th of October, 1973

Profession: actor, comedian, TV producer, screenwriter

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: television, movies

How Much is Seth MacFarlane Worth?

How much is Seth MacFarlane worth?

The famous producer, filmmaker, comedian and actor, Seth MacFarlane earned $194 million wealth to his 43rd birthday. As he is still a busy person, surely, he can earn even more cash. But what is the source of his wealth? As many other stars of his stature, Seth MacFarlane developed several sources of his wealth. He started to accumulate his net worth in 1999, when he was appointed as the executive producer of “Family Guy” animation series. The project turned to be one of the most successful and long-lasting on American TV. The story about a “typical” American family and their talking dog with a dry martini in a hand (or it is better to say “in a paw”) impressed viewers all over the world and developed a large fan base.

As a result, “Family Guy” turned to be $1 billion project with DVD releases, merchandise goods and expensive commercials during the show. Thus the project creator signed $100 million 5 year deal with Fox, the channel, where “Family Guy” is on air. With the income more than $20 million per year, Seth MacFarlane is ranked one of the highest-paid TV writers and producers.

But even that solid income is not enough for Seth. He makes money through other business ventures too. He tried his hand as a musician and released his debut album, named “Music Is Better Than Words”, in 2011. The album occupied the 11th position at Billboard 200.

Seth MacFarlane is singing

MacFarlane lent his famous face to a number of commercials, which turned to him with some extra cash. He advertised AXE Hair and some other brands.

In addition Seth MacFarlane tried his hand as an actor and appeared in “Gilmore Girls”, “American Dad!” (he served as a producer and writer for this project too), “Ted” etc. Not long ago he voiced a mouse Mike in a popular animation “Sing”, where he cooperated with such stars as Matthew McConaughey, Reese Witherspoon, Scarlett Johansson etc.

Mike, Seth MacFarlane's hero from "Sing"

As you see, for now Seth MacFarlane needn’t to worry about money. But what was the start of his success story?

Seth MacFarlane’s Way On Top

In fact, a celebrity Seth MacFarlane started to earn his wealth in his elementary school years. Being just 9 years old, he earned the money of his own, writing comics for a small newspaper in Kent, Connecticut. Although he made just $5 per week then, it was a great start for a boy.

Seth MacFarlane young

MacFarlane knew, he would draw animation heroes and write comics after school. That’s why he entered Rhode Island School of Design, where he honed his skills of a cartoon designer and writer.

Still being a college student, Seth created the film “The Life of Larry”, which later served as the bases for the famous “Family Guy”. The talented graduate was noticed by the managers of animation studio “Hanna-Barbera Cartoons” and thus he got his first job.

Seth MacFarlane with Family Guy heroes

Having created a number of animations, which enjoyed great public success, MacFarlane finally was hired by Fox to create “Family Guy”.

Seth MacFarlane House

Seth MacFarlane house

If you have achieved the highest peak of wealth and popularity, you shouldn’t forget to create a cozy home for yourself. Seth MacFarlane has bought luxurious multi-layer Beverly Hills villa for $14 million.

Being a workaholic, Seth spent an astonishing amount for his office too. He bought three-storey building in Beverly Hills for $11 million to create his masterpieces there.

Seth MacFarlane Car

Seth MacFarlane car

No need to say, that the moneybag Seth MacFarlane owns a huge car park. One of his favorite vehicles is Delorean vehicle, which he bought for $1 million.

The speed car is of pleasant light grey color and can boast with unusual gull-wing doors. Its iconic look suits the dark-eyed handsome Seth MacFarlane most of all.

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