Shaun Phillips biography

Shaun Phillips Net Worth

  • Real name / birth name Shaun Jamal Phillips
  • Occupation American football; business
  • Source of Wealth sport
  • Country of wealth USA
  • Date of birth May 13, 1981
  • Age 41
  • Zodiac sign Taurus
  • Birth place Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Sources 2018 $27 million $27 million

How Much is Shaun Phillips Worth?

Shaun Phillips rose to fame as an American football linebacker. He earned major part of his net worth, getting salary for his athletic skills. Shaun played for well-known teams like Indianapolis Colts, San Diego Chargers, Denver Broncos and some others. His great NFL stats helped him get more and more money from year to year. In 2015 Shaun Phillips left professional football and continued his education.

Shaun Phillips Salary by Year (estimated by TheRichest):

2013 $2,4 million
2014 $8 million

Shaun Phillips Way on Top

Many people are looking for the secrets of success, and the young boys, who dream about career of an athlete, use Shaun Phillips as their role model. As Shaun tells himself, he felt that sport was his cup of tea. He was born to climb the Athlete’s Olympus but he had to decide, what path to choose.

Since his earliest years Shaun looked like a mound of muscle. He played tennis and basketball and could defeat any boy in his class. As the star used to say in his interview, there were only three ways to success in Philadelphia. They were music, excellent studying and sports. He chose the last one for himself. Did you know that the stellar athlete started to practice football in the 10th grade only? Shaun told that football was not popular in Philadelphia, and he started to play it, when he moved to Jersey.

Shaun Phillips started to play at the age of 15, which seems too late for most of people. But the young athlete was much faster and stronger than most of his well prepared peers. Soon he managed to become the high school star. Phillips made up a decision to continue playing football at the college.

His great play is still remembered in Purdue University. Shaun performed like a professional on the field. He set the school record of sacks and was titled as first-team All-Big Ten. All his friends knew, Shaun was going to become an outstanding player.

Phillips turned into pro player in 2004, when he was drafted by the Chargers. He showed great results and earned both, glory and money as the Chargers linebacker. He was transferred to Denver Broncos in 2013. As the sports star used to tell he hadn’t got too much money for it. But he was interested to become the part of the team.

Shaun Phillips Bio and Career

Shaun Phillips career of an athlete lasted during more than 10 years. But is NFL veteran doing now? Shaun is getting degree in Business Administration. According to Phillips, major part of retired athletes go bust within several years after the end of their careers. The reason is the lack of knowledge on finance sphere. The former NFL star is going to make money as an investor.

Really, money making is an exciting thing. But what’s about money spending?


Shaun Phillips owns $1, 8 million condo in Beverly Hills. He put it on sale not long ago. It’s hard to say, why the star decided to get rid of such a luxurious residence. The house consists of a roomy sitting room, a big dining-room, a well-equipped kitchen and several bathrooms. No need to say, that the condo is furnished with high-quality accessories.

The sitting room is decorated with high columns. An elegant crystal chandelier hangs from the ceiling. In the centre of the room there’s a huge green plant. Surely, such luxurious house will be bought soon!

Shaun Phillips is interested not just in football. Luxurious cars are his other passion. He owned a fast and massive Range Rover. The star paid for the vehicle $120,000. Unfortunately, the incredibly expensive vehicle was stolen in Denver.

Really, Shaun Phillips’ car and house look impressive. Probably, his post-football life will be successful and rich too!


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