How Much is Sisqo Worth?

A prominent musician cum record producer, Sisqo has amassed a net worth of over $6 million. He has earned huge popularity and even more money is in his music career.

He started his path in 1992 when he co-created R&B band Dru Hill. The band wrote hit-lyrics, such as How Deep Is Your Love and Never Make a Promise. Nevertheless, the artist quit the group in 1999 to pursue a solo career. In 2000, he finally dropped his debut opus, Unleash the Dragon. Thong Song and its infamous yet universal video on MTV launched the longplay to the top of the charts, accompanied by another huge hit, Incomplete. Eventually, Sisqo was not only a music star but also a sensation.

His second LP, Return of Dragon, was unveiled in 2001 and crushed all his earlier records. The album went platinum, with songs such as Can I Live and Dance for Me. After that, he has also worked in some other TV shows. He made his acting debut by starring in the MTV show Sisqós Shakedown. In 2010, he unveiled his third opus in collaboration with Dru Hill under the guidance of Kedar Entertainment. In the following year, the group was seen on the reality show Keith Sweat’s Platinum House on BET’s sister station Centric.

Today, he is an active musician and actor. In total, he has won 5 MTV video music awards and 4 Grammy awards. He is well known for his performance in Get Over It, Pieces of April, Surf School, Show Dogs and many more. Till now he has featured in 18 portrayals comprised of TV series and movies.