Skrillex Net Worth is $45 Million



$15 million


$45 million



Skrillex net worth

Nicknames: Sonny John Moore, Twipz

Date of birth: the 15th of January, 1988

Profession: DJ, guitarist

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: music

Nee Sonny John Moore, this guy is mostly known as Skrillex. He has incredibly unusual hair style (which was glorified in Electric Valentine song “Girl, You Got Skrillex Hair”) and a net worth of $45 million. For some DJ-s this amount seems too modest, but if to take into consideration the fact that Skrillex was almost homeless in 2004, the salary he gets now looks really impressive.

Sonny was brought up by adoptive parents. When he knew, that he was not a biological child, he left the family. The only thing, which 16 year old boy took with him, was a guitar.

His parents gave Sonny the guitar for his ninth birthday. The future DJ paid no interest to the instrument then, but later he began to play it. At the age of 13 Skrill (as his friends called him) got the program “FL Studio” and started to create his first compositions.

Skrillex got initial recognition and earned his first money as a frontman of the band “From First to Last”. His voice can be heard in its albums “Heroine” and “Dear Diary, My Teen Angst Has a Bodycount”. In 2007 the talented DJ left the band and started his solo career. His first album, named “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites”, won him three Grammys.

In 2012 Skrillex was included by Forbes in the list of the most high-paid DJs in the world. His earnings in 2013 were estimated as $16 million by Therichest.

In 2015 Skrilex collaborated with another popular DJ- Diplo – and they both recorded the album “Skrillex and Diplo Present Jack Ü”. The song from this album “Where Are U Now” got several MTV Video Music Award nominations, including “The Best Song of the Summer”.

The self made millionaire, Sonny doesn’t know any secrets of success. He simply likes to make music and can do it everywhere – at home, on the road or in the hotel room. For his talent and incredible love to electronic sound the DJ managed to earn a solid net worth and he is not going to stop!

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