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Sofia Coppola Net Worth

$30 million

  • Real name / birth name Sofia Carmina Coppola
  • Occupation actress, screenwriter, film director, business person
  • Source of Wealth movies
  • Country of wealth USA
  • Date of birth May 14, 1971
  • Age 51
  • Zodiac sign Taurus
  • Birth place New York City, New York, United States
Sources 2018 $30 million $30 million

$30 million


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How Much is Sofia Coppola Worth?

Sofia Coppola is a celebrated American film director and actress, who owns $30 million net worth. The daughter of another well-known Hollywood film maker Francis Ford Coppola and a cousin of Nicolas Cage, Sofia comes from a rich respectable family.

Coppola’s net worth started to grow rapidly in 1999, when she presented her movie “The Virgin Suicides”, based on the book of Jeffrey Eugenides. The film got contradictory reviews, probably because it was quite complicated for an average viewer. Some critics insisted, that it was empty and too fictional and named Kirsten Dunst (who played the leading part) the only zest of this screen work. At the same time the others considered the movie as really dramatic and strong. In 2000 it was included into 10 best films of the year (by French magazine Cahiers du cinema).

The young film maker Sofia Coppola was inspired by a sudden success and a huge profit she made from it. Three years later she presented the film, which really proved, Coppola is not just the daughter of a respected film director. She is a talented personality, and her work can be really classy.

“Lost in Translation” was released in 2003. The movie had everything to become a hit – the complicated drama, beautiful views and 17-year old Scarlett Johansson in the title female role. The film got numerous awards, including Golden Globe award as the best movie of the year. “Lost in Translation” brought Sofia Coppola Oscar for the best movie script. Thus she proved, she was a worthy daughter of her father, the holder of 5 Academy Award statuettes.

Now she continues making money through movies – as an actress, film director, producer and screen writer. In addition Sofia has several profitable business ventures, which make her even richer. She designs clothes for California style trademark and presents her own canned wine “Sofia blanc de blancs”.

Sofia Coppola Bio and Career

In her early years Sofia Coppola was surrounded by beautiful luxurious things. The daughter of legendary Francis Ford Coppola and Eleanor Coppola (the director of documentary films), she dreamed about the only one thing – to get out of her father’s shadow.

Young Sofia studied at St. Helena High School and then continued her education at California Institute of the Arts. When she was just 15, she got a chance to work on probation at Chanel fashion house. She appeared in her father’s film “The Godfather: Part III”, but her performance looked quite pale in comparison with other movie actors, like Al Pacino and Diane Keaton. The young girl got negative critic reviews, which inspired her to try her hand in off-screen activities.

Sofia Coppola proved she was a gifted writer and director in 1999, when she presented her “The Virgin Suicides”. The stellar film maker Sofia Coppola brings up two daughters with a musician Thomas Mars. The family lives in a huge mansion.


Sofia and her family spend vacation in Coppola’s Beach House, which is situated in Placencia, Belize. The estate includes the main house and two guest houses, thus several families with children can have a rest in the house simultaneously, without disturbing one another. Sofia Coppola invited a celebrated architect Laurent Deroo to design a house for her.

The house is decorated with wooden panels. It looks simple and elegant at the same time. The building of Sophia’s house is situated several steps from the Caribbean Sea, so the star enjoys fresh sea air each morning, having just woken up.

Her residence consists of 2 floors. On the first floor there’s a cozy kitchen, a dining-room and a living-room. On the second floor there’s her (and her husband’s) bedroom, children’s room and a bathroom.

The outside area of the estate is also comfortable. In includes a swimming-pool and barbeque area.

So, Sofia Coppola has found a great place to invest her millions.


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