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Sophia Amoruso Net Worth

$280 million

  • Real name / birth name Sophia Christina Amoruso
  • Occupation businesswoman, author
  • Source of Wealth Nasty Gal
  • Country of wealth USA
  • Date of birth April 20, 1984
  • Age 38
  • Zodiac sign Aries
  • Birth place San Diego, California, United States
Sources 2018 $280 million $20 million $280 million

$280 million


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How Much is Sophia Amoruso Worth?

They say, to start your own business, you should have a fresh idea at first. But very often a person, who can generate new ideas, is not a good manager at the same time. Thus the project, which starts successfully, can go bust within year. The same thing happened to Sophia Amoruso start-up “Nasty Gal”.

In 2017 Sophia Amoruso net worth is less than $50 million. But several years earlier “Forbes” estimated the young woman’s wealth at astonishing $280 million and included her in the list of the richest self-made women.

It is interesting to know, that Amoruso doesn’t come from a rich family. She has never been a brilliant pupil and can’t boast with great education.

Sophia’s net worth started to grow in 2006, when the girl opened an internet store at eBay. She named it Nasty Gal Vintage (after the album of her favorite singer Betty Davis). Amoruso sold vintage clothes and accessories, which she bought in second-hands and flea markets. The girl, who had great taste and some experience in photography, created unique images and demonstrated it at eBay with the help of self-taught models – her friends.

Soon Nasty Gal turned into a profitable venture. Amoruso was surprised even herself, when she sold an old Chanel jacket per $1, 500, which she had previously bought for $20. In 2008 the young entrepreneur earned $100, 000 from eBay selling.

That very year Sophia left eBay. She announced it was her own decision as she didn’t like the service there. According to other source, the business lady was banned for fraud bids and feedback.

In any case in 2008 Nasty Gal clothes were sold from the independent site.

In 2012 Sophia Amoruso caught attention of Forbes analysts for the first time. The self-made millionaire had a fast-developing start-up. Nasty Gal widened its borders to new high-fashion clothes. In 2013 Amoruso opened the first off-line shop at Melrose Avenue in LA. Sophia was impressed, when she discovered, that Nasty Gal have become popular among Hollywood stars, like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.

But soon Nasty Gal started to lose its position. Several companies sued Amoruso for stealing their designers’ ideas. Sophia left the post of companies CEO in 2015. Soon after that she got sad news – Nasty Gal owns a huge debt. The young entrepreneur filed for bankruptcy. Now the company is looking for a sponsor, who will save it.

Sophia Amoruso Bio and Career

Really, Sophia Amoruso had a complicated period in her career. But in any case, she is worth our respect.

In her teens Sophia suffered from severe depression. She left school and started to work as a waitress and shop assistant. In 2003 the girl was caught stealing at a supermarket. Sophia was fined.

After that 22-year-old girl founded legendary online boutique Nasty Gal. Later Sophia Amoruso confessed, she had made a lot of mistakes and felt quite lost, when her company started to grow so rapidly. In any case, in 2013 Nasty Gal sold clothes for $65 million. Sounds impressive, doesn’t it?

Currently active Sophia is busy with several other projects, including selling of her memoir book and preparing for Netflix show, based on Nasty Gal success story.


The beautiful and rich lady Sophia Amoruso through her book “#GirlBoss” shared the details of her evberyday life. She told about her cozy home too. She bought a luxurious LA mansion in 2014, when Nasty Gal was in its arc of success. Sophia bought the house from a popular film director and Nicolas Cage cousin Sofia Coppola. The house is built in Sophia’s favorite luxurious vintage style. It is made of white stone and has large glass surfaces – one of house walls is made of glass only.

Sophia is proud of her residence – it is the sample of style and great taste. The huge velvet sofas, soft carpets and unusual puffy armchairs make the house exclusive and hospitable.


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