Sophia Bush biography
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Sophia Bush Net Worth

$9 million

  • Real name / birth name Sophia Anna Bush
  • Occupation actress, film director
  • Source of Wealth television, movies
  • Country of wealth USA
  • Date of birth July 8, 1982
  • Age 40
  • Zodiac sign Cancer
  • Birth place Pasadena, California, United States
Sources 2018 $9 million $6 million $6 million

$9 million


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How Much is Sophia Bush Worth?

She featured in numerous lists of the most beautiful and most sexual actresses in the world. Sophia Bush’s body is really hot and it doesn’t change with age. But her magic appearance is not the only one thing Sophia can boast with. She owns $9 million net worth too.

Sophia Bush earned her wealth through her job of an actress. Her career breaking role was Brooke Davis in “One Tree Hill”. She participated in 9 seasons of the show and appeared in 186 episodes of total 187. That TV show served as the base of Sophia Bush wealth.

But having gained international popularity, she didn’t stop and continued to act in various TV series and movies. Her most popular screen projects are a thriller “The Narrows”, a drama series “Chicago Fire” and many others.

In addition to acting, Sophia Bush tried her hand as a director too. She directed several episodes of “One Tree Hill”.

As this year Sophia Bush has already participated in several projects, which are in pre-production, surely, her net worth has a tendency to grow. But how did she start her career?

Sophia Bush Bio and Career

The future celebrity Sophia was born in a family of glamorous photographers Charles William and Maureen Bush. She was the only one child in the family, that’s why all parents’ love, attention and money were addressed to Sophie. She studied at Westridge School for Girls and then continued her education at University of Southern California.

In her young years Sophia Bush played basketball and dreamed about career of an athlete. But then she participated in a school play, and fell in love with acting at first sight.

Bush debuted in the film “Van Wilder”, where she met great Ryan Reynolds at a film set. The young actress acted in several moderately successful projects, when finally fate gave her a smile. She won the role of beautiful and wicked Brooke Davis in “One Tree Hill”. That project made Bush a popular and rich person.

Nowadays Sophia Bush is ranked as one of the hottest actresses on TV. But in her personal life she hasn’t been too lucky. In 2005 she married an actor Chad Michael Murray, but they separated in a couple of months. The reason of their divorce was not publicized, but they say, Chad cheated the beauty with Paris Hilton.

Sophia Bush didn’t worry too much about her broken marriage. She concentrated her efforts on career making and building cozy home for herself.


There are houses, which look like palaces, and the person, who lives there, is titled as a queen or a king, in spite of one’s lineage. Sophia Bush’s home is one of such residences. It is situated in Hollywood Hills and costs about $2 million.

They say, Sophia bought a huge mansion from an old noble lady. It takes the whole day to get around it from top to bottom. After that the actress decided to refurnish the house.

She created a cozy home, which looks luxurious outside and informal and domestic inside.

Sophie relaxes after hard working days in a light living-room. The room is decorated in white and black colors. Having entered such a living room, the guest immediately becomes happier – because of bright well-painted walls, soft bizarre-patterned carpet and a light, almost airy armchair that seems to float in the air.

Sophia Bush wanted to keep the old-fashion ambience in the house, but at the same time she dreamed to live in a classic Californian bungalow. The popular interior designers Richard Neutra and John Lautner followed the actress’s wishes and created the home of her dream.

On the territory of the mansion there’s a roomy garage, where the actress keeps her vehicle.

The glamorous actress Sophia Bush owns Audi A3 Wagon of bold black color. Its price is close to $50, 000, which is a big money for most of people, but not for Sophia. The first car of that kind was produced in 1996 and since then it is the favorite vehicle for many rich stylish people.


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