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Stephen Baldwin


Stephen Baldwin

Stephen Baldwin Net Worth is $500, 000

How rich is Stephen Baldwin?

Nickname: Stephen Andrew Baldwin

Date of birth: the 12th of May, 1966

Profession: actor, producer, film director, author

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: television, movies

How Much is Stephen Baldwin Worth?

If you have ever read Stephen Baldwin bio, then you know that he is the youngest and the most original from the Baldwin brood, which includes his older brother – famous actor Alec Baldwin, as well as brothers Billy and Daniel Baldwin.

Stephen Baldwin is a famous actor

Stephen Baldwin owns $500, 000 net worth. Probably, that amount seems too small for a Hollywood star. But Stephen Baldwin is not interested in accumulating his wealth. He spends more efforts for professing his faith – Christianity.

Stephen Baldwin earned his net worth as an actor, producer and author.

He rose to fame as a performer after the successful play in Bryan Singer film “The Usual Suspects”.

In fact, when Bryan Singer and Christopher McQuarrie (a screenwriter) phoned to Stephen to invite him to their project, he was surprised. These two young Hollywood geniuses have already gained the status of rising stars, and they could invite more popular actors to their new project.

But Singer was not going to shoot stars in his movie. “I choose actors for my film not for their status, but for their ability to change”, he said. And his words sounded really convincing to film producers.

Stephen Baldwin in The Usual Suspects

Thus, young unknown actor Stephen Baldwin in the company of then-unknown Gabriel Byrne, Benicio Del Toro and Kevin Spacey, spent long 6 weeks together (“The Usual Suspects” was shot in New York and Los Angeles from the 13th of June till the 29th of July in 1994).

That film catapulted young actors to stardom, and probably, till now it remains the brightest spot in Stephen Baldwin film list.

In early 2000s Baldwin lost interest to acting and concentrated his efforts on producing and directing. He was an executive producer of the thriller “Spider's Web”, the drama “The Genius Club”, the melodrama “Priceless” etc.

In addition to these activities, which brought Stephen constant income, he added the kudos of a writer. The popular entertainer wrote an autobiography “The Unusual Suspect”, which is sold worldwide, making its author richer.

But in spite of numerous successful projects, in 2009 Stephen Baldwin announced his bankruptcy.

Stephen Baldwin Bankruptcy and Tax Issues

Stephen Baldwin bankruptcy

In summer 2009, the actor Stephen Baldwin announced his bankruptcy. The famous actor with multi-million salary failed to calculate expenses and incomes properly, and as a result, he had about $2, 3 million in debt. Stephen couldn’t pay for two mortgages, car credit and taxes.

By the way, in 2012 he failed to pay taxes and was arrested for it. During three years the actor didn’t file state taxes.

Stephen Baldwin Bio

Stephen Baldwin biography (with his wife Kennya Deodato

Stephen Baldwin was born in New York in a middle-class family. The boy studied at Alfred G. Berner High School and then studied acting in The American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

He got his first salary as a stage actor and Calvin Klein model. Stephen Baldwin debuted on the big screen in the film “The Beast of War” in 1988.

His most popular screen and television works are “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”, “Born on the Fourth of July” (with Tom Cruise), “The Flyboys” etc.

In 1990 Stephen Baldwin wedded a Brazilian-born woman Kennya Deodato. They have two daughters.

Stephen Baldwin House

Stephen Baldwin house

Stephen Baldwin lives with his wife and kids in a big house in New York.

One of his NY properties was auctioned a year ago.

The luxurious, built in Victorian style house, was bought by Baldwin in 1997 for $500, 000. The house, which was constracted of white brick and had two floors, was put on sale in 2006.

And almost 11 years later it was auctioned for $100 only by Baldwin’s banks. The popular actor still is not secured financially.

Stephen Baldwin Car

Stephen Baldwin car

One of the reasons of Stephen Baldwin bankruptcy in 2009 was his disability to pay car credit.

The actor drives Jeep Wrangler. The mid-size massive vehicle has been producing since 1986, and till now it is the evidence of its owner’s status and great taste. The other celebs, which own Wranglers are David Beckham, Ciara, Lebron James etc. 

Stephen Baldwin Jeep Wrangler

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