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Stephen King Net Worth is $400 Million



$400 million


$400 million


$450 million


Stephen King net worth

Nicknames: Stephen Edwin King, The King of horror

Date of birth: the 21st of September, 1947

Profession: writer, screenwriter, film director

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: books, movies

Stephen King, the famous author of supernatural books, owns a net worth of $400 million. Really, the amount of his wealth seems impressive, but it is not, if to take into consideration the achievements of the writer.

Stephen King is the author of 54 novels, 7 non-fiction books and more than 200 short horror stories. The most popular of his literary works are “The Stand”, “The Shining”, “It”, “Doctor Sleep” and many others. Some of his horror stories served as the base for Hollywood movies. For example, his book “Carrie” was screened three times and the last one, released in 2013, grossed $84 million worldwide (estimated by Forbes). The well known King of horror earned $15 million in 2015 (according to Justrichest) from the selling of his collection of short stories, named “The Bazaar of Bad Dreams”.

Stephen King’s name is the synonym to prosperity and success now. But the author has worked a lot to achieve his Olympus.

Stephen is a son of a sailor (father) and a health care specialist (mother). His parents filed for divorce, when Stephen was in his kindergarten age. He shared his time between his parents’ houses.

The boy was smart from his school years. After graduation he entered the University of Maine, where he developed his writing skills. He worked as a University newspaper author and even was a member of a student government.

At first Stephen King earned his living as a teacher and later he had a chance to publish his first novel, named “Carrie”. It made him initially popular and rich.

Later the King of Horror created numerous interesting books. He sold about 350 million copies of his books worldwide. Thus he had become a multimillionaire.

Stephen King, whose career lasts for several decades, remains one of the bestselling authors in the world. 

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