Steve Burns biography

Steve Burns Net Worth

$12 million

  • Real name / birth name Steven Michael Burns
  • Occupation actor, musician, guitarist
  • Source of Wealth television, music
  • Country of wealth USA
  • Date of birth October 9, 1973
  • Age 49
  • Zodiac sign Libra
  • Birth place Boyertown, Pennsylvania, United States
Sources 2018 2019 $10 million $10 million $12 million

$12 million


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How Much is Steve Burns Worth?

Steve Burns career is in a slump nowadays, nevertheless he remains a well-known and quite rich person. His net worth is estimated at $10 million. How did he earn such a wealth and what is his source of wealth now?
Steve Burns’ career peak was in late 1990-s – early 2000s, when he hosted the kids’ show “Blue’s Clues”. The actor and TV host Steve got a solid salary, which was increasing in conjunction with the popularity of the show.

Nickelodeon children series were on air since 1996 till 2007. At first it was hosted by Steve Burns, who left the show in 2002. The show was a great success with children, who watched the adventures of the small dog Blue and learnt at the same time. Show host was the only one human being on the screen, that’s why it was important to choose the right person for that role. At first producers wanted to find a female host, but then they hired Steve Burns as they were impressed by his strong acting skills.

“Blue’s Clues” was an important step in Steve Burns’ career and a powerful source of his wealth. But he was not going to devote all his life to kids’ television. Burns left the show, having participated in 100 episodes.

Thus his career and earnings entered its next phase, not so successful as the previous one. Steve Burns tried his hand as an actor and voice actor. He appeared in a short movie “The Bill” and portrayed Fred in a fiction “Netherbeast Incorporated”.

Burns earned some money and recognition as a musician too. He released the album “Deep Sea Recovery Efforts” in 2009, which enjoyed some popularity. Currently he is working over a new album “Foreverywhere”. Thus he saved a solid wealth. But how did he begin?

Steve Burns Bio and Career

Steve Burns was educated at DeSales University (Pennsylvania), where he studied theater art. Burns was fond of rock music in his college years and even performed in a number of rock bands. He started his career as a voice actor. Burns lent his soft pleasant voice to a number of ads heroes.

He heard about new Nickelodeon program “Blue’s Clues” and decided to visit an audition. Although at first producers didn’t pay much attention to his candidacy, Steve’s performance was really strong and he won that job.

He left the program in 2002 without any clear reason. As the TV host explained later, he had just felt that he was getting too old for such a role. He dreamed to pursue music career and besides continued his voice work.


Celebrities can be divided into 2 huge groups. The members of the first group like to publicize all details of their personal life. The others from the second group like to keep their off-screen life on secret. Burns belongs to the second group. He enjoys anonymity and feels happy, when people don’t recognize him in the street.

The actor and musician spends his later years in a huge lavish apartment in New York. He was so kind to show the journalists and fans his cave.

Steve Burns lives in 2,100 sq.ft residence in Brooklyn, NY. It consists of several rooms, which are so necessary for a famous bachelor. Steve has a comfortable bedroom, kitchen and a living room.

In the back part of the house there’s a cozy courtyard, where the star can breathe some fresh air and even arrange a picnic.

Steve re-designed the house with the help of architect Eric Liftin. Burns’ personal paradise is decorated in beige and brown colors. The house looks neat and quite simple at the same time. Wooden walls in the eating-room make the premise warm and natural.

It is not publicized, what car Burns owns. The famous actor keeps it in secret after his death rumors, which appeared several years ago. Several newspapers wrote about Burns death in a car crash. The former TV host had to come on TV to prove, he was alive.


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