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Steve Chen

Steve Chen Net Worth is $300 Million

How much is Steve Chen worth?

Nickname: Steven Shih Chen

Date of birth: the 18th of August, 1978

Profession: businessman, engineer

Nationality: Taiwan

Source of wealth: YouTube

How Much is Steve Chen Worth?

Probably, you don’t know, who Steve Chan is, but no doubt, you have already dealt with his brain child – YouTube. As you have guessed, the major part of his wealth comes from this profitable internationally popular service. Nowadays Steve Chen net worth is close to $300, 000 million.

In fact, Steve Chen was not the only one, who invented YouTube. He co-founded the site together with his colleagues, a deigner Chad Hurley and technician Jawed Karim.

Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim

Idea of creating the site, where users can upload home videos quickly and without any difficulties, belonged to a web-designer Chad Hurley. Later he sparked the interest of his colleagues-engineers Steve Chan and Jawed Karim in the new project. At first YouTube was supposed to be an internet dating site, where the users could upload videos. Thus the person, who wanted to find a couple, could show himself through his home video. But people, who registered there, began to share videos of various kinds – songs, movies, parties, views of their cities etc. That’s why soon YouTube changed the focus of its specialization and became a video-sharing service.

This fresh idea made Steve Chen and his companions multi-millionaires within several years. In 2005 the representatives of reputable companies, such as Sequoia Capital and Time Warner got interested in YouTube. They invested $3 million into the new project, which put the site to the new level and increased Steve Chen earnings.

YouTube founders Steve Chen and Chad Hurley

In 2006 YouTube caught attention of Susan Wojcicki, Google employer and then sister-in-law of Sergey Brin, Google co-founder. She inspired Sergey Brin and Larry Page to get YouTube. That very year Google Inc paid $1, 6 billion to Steve and his partners for the rights for the video-sharing platform. Steve Chen left YouTube with $300 million amount in his pocket.

Currently Steve Chen is busy with his new project “Avos Systems”. Although his career is in its calm phase now, he has enough money not to work at all in his life anymore. But how did he start his career?

Steve Chen’s Way On Top

Steven Shih Chen was born in Taipei, Taiwan. His parents moved to United States, when the boy was just 15 years old, so he was transferred to American High School. Steve’s English was poor, that’s why it was hard for him to study. He changed a number of schools, before graduating from Illinois Mathematics Academy. Chen continued his education at University of Illinois, where specialized in Computer Science.

Steve Chen way on top

He served at Paypal – an internationally popular internet transition company. There Chen crossed paths with two future companions Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim. Three friends co-founded YouTube service, which made them popular and rich.

Steve Chen House

Steve Chen house

The famous entrepreneur Steve Chen combines his illustrious career with a happy family life. He is a husband of Park Ji-Hyun, who used to earn her living as a marketing manager. The couple brings up 2 children. Steve and his wife live in a spacious penthouse.

Steve Chen and his wife Park Ji-Hyun

YouTube co-founder got a comfortable residence in San Francisco for $8 million. The businessman home is situated in a big solid building “Ritz Carlton Residences”. He spent lots of time and money to rebuild it. The architect Joel Sander collaborated with Steve Chen to create the house of his dream. The home is ideal for a tech lover. It is full of modern appliances.

Steve Chen house

Steve Chen home consists of 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Among exotic inventions of capricious Steve there’s a clear glass wall between a master’s bedroom and a bathroom, which can become frosted after one touch of the button.

Steve Chen house

Among other premises in the house there are a modern kitchen and a gym.

Steve Chen Car Collection

Steve Chen car

No wonder, that the famous technician and car lover Steve Chen owns a massive car collection. He is rumored to have Ferrari 488, which is estimated $250, 000 approximately, Audi S3 for $43, 000, Audi r8 for $192, 000 and others. In general Steve Chen can boast with 15-16 ultra modern vehicles, which stand in his garage. He used to say in his interview, that he plans to add Huayra to his car collection.


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