Steve Nash

Steve Nash Net Worth is $95 Million

How rich is Steve Nash?

Nickname: Stephen John Nash

Date of birth: the 7th of February, 1974

Profession: ex-basketball player, investor

Nationality: Canada

Source of wealth: sports, investments

How Much is Steve Nash Worth?

Steve Nash net worth

Steve Nash is worth impressive $95 million. Do you think that to earn such a big pile of money is impossible? But Steve doesn’t agree with you. He has made his fortune as NBA player and won the title of Most Valuable Player multiple times.

He got $8 (and more) million salary per year, being one of the most successful basketball players of his generation. He finished his career of a pro-athlete in 2015, but it didn’t influence his income.

Steve Nash Salary by Year (estimated by Celebritynetworth):


$916, 000


$1, 2 million


$5, 5 million


$8,8 million


$13 million


$9, 7 million

The former athlete currently makes money as an investor. According to “Forbes”, Nash made 9 profitable sport-centric investments, included but not limited to Liquid Nutricion, OneBode etc.Steve Nash in Liquid Nutrition ads,

He has also opened the line of gyms, named after him. Steve was offered a job of Golden State Warriors consulter. This deal brought the record-breaking results for the team and solid salary to Nash.

Being the idol of many young people worldwide, Steve is a desirable celebrity for various endorsement deals. But he is very selective as for brands to advertise. Nash made an endorsement deal with Raymond Weil watches, MDG Computers and some other reputable brands.

Steve Nash is considered as a successful and knowledgeable entrepreneur. He tells that he just needs to do something significant and get enough money to send his children to college at the same time. But how did he climb his career peak?

Steve Nash Success Story

Steve Nash as a college star

The stellar player comes from Canada. His father was a professional soccer player that’s why Steve and his brother Martin practiced soccer, ice hockey and basketball in their teens.

Nash was a skillful athlete, and it helped him become the sports star in his high school. He won Santa Clara University scholarship. The Santa Clara coach Dick Davey noticed, that Steve Nash had the capacity to achieve the peak as a basketball player. During his sports activity in the University Steve has become a young basketball star.

Nash turned pro in middle 1990s, when he was drafted by Phoenix Suns.

During his years in basketball Steve played for Dallas Mavericks and Los Angeles Lakers too. He proved his talent of a basketball player with numerous awards, like MVP award, NBA All-Star award etc. In addition he monetized his talent and made a solid fortune.

He announced his plans to retire in March, 2015 because of health issues. In addition Steve wanted to leave, being at the zenith of his pride.

Currently the sports star cares about his three children from previous marriage to Alejandra Amarilla. He has two twin daughters and a son. Currently Steve spends his money not just for children, but also for his current wife Lilla Frederick, a volleyball player. They live in a great house.

Steve Nash House

Steve Nash house

In April, 2017 Steve Nash sold his luxurious mansion in Arizona for $3 million approximately. The house consists of 5 roomy bedrooms, a cozy living room and spacious dining area. Having entered the house through a huge glass door, the visitor appears in a cozy hallway. Just near the entrance a big fireplace is situated. It made Steve warmer in winter.

Steve Nash house

The mansion is surrounded by tall palm trees. There’s a pond on the territory of the mansion. For the dearest visitors the guest house is built.  

Steve Nash house

So, the estate looks like a small piece of paradise. But Nash decided to sell it. The multi-millionaire Steve Nash can get lots of luxurious mansions in any part of our planet. He has a solid car collection too.

Steve Nash Car

Steve Nash Car

It is rumored, that Steve Nash can boast with Jeep and Mercedes in his car collection. But his favorite vehicle is red Tesla Model S (according to Cheatsheet). The shining car is not just fast and comfortable, but also environmentally friendly.

Steve is a big lover of hybrid Toyota Prius too.

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