Sting Net Worth is $300 Million



$300 million


$300 million



Sting net worth

Nickname: Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner

Date of birth: the 2nd of October, 1951

Profession: singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist

Nationality: United Kingdom

Source of wealth: music

Born Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner owns $300 million net worth. He earned that incredible wealth mostly as a musician. Widely known as Sting, he managed to become one of the most popular singers of the century. He was awarded with Grammy 16 times, received Golden Globe in 2002. That very year he received a star at Songwriters Hall of Fame too.

Sting earned millions of dollars for his activity of a musician. But he made some money from endorsement deals too, which he considered as additional source of wealth. Sting advertised Jaguar Cars in 2000.

The star Sting owns really enormous wealth, which seems incredible for most of people. He had worked hard from his teens to become so rich and popular.

Gordon Matthew was born in a family of a hairdresser (mother) and milkman (father). He was a naughty child, whose main passion was music. Sting started his career as a music teacher and tried a number of other odd jobs, till he got some recognition as a musician. He got the nickname “Sting” in his youth for the favorite striped gold and black sweater he used to wear. In it he resembled a bee.

The first success came to Mr. Summer after he had met a musician Stewart Copeland. Together with the other enthusiasts they formed the band “The Police”, which soon gained incredible popularity. Its debut album “Outlandos d’Amour” was ranked as one of the best in England that year. Sting served as lead singer of “The Police” till 1984 and then started his solo career.

Now Sting has 12 studio albums in his discography. Most of them got gold and platinum status. He released his last album “57th & 9th” in November, 2016.  

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