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Susan Lucci Net Worth

$60 million

  • Real name / birth name Susan Victoria Lucci
  • Occupation actress, singer, author, entrepreneur
  • Source of Wealth television
  • Country of wealth USA
  • Date of birth December 23, 1946
  • Age 76
  • Zodiac sign Sagittarius
  • Birth place Scarsdale, New York, United States
Sources 2015 2018 $20 million $60 million $45 million

$60 million


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How Much is Susan Lucci Worth?

Susan Lucci is a dazzlingly beautiful woman with porcelain skin, soft thick hair and ideally shaped body. She looks perfect in her 70 years old, much better than some 20-year-old beauties. The actress, singer, mother and grandmother, Susan Lucci seems to be a wonder woman, who can do everything.

Her net worth is estimated at $45 million. Susan Lucci saved her wealth, getting salary from her job of an actress. She rose to fame at the age of 25, when she portrayed Erica Kane in cult series “All My Children”. Till now the screen image of Erica she created on TV is considered as one of the best in the history of American television. When the project got more popular, Susan salary increased. She earned $1 million per each week.

When “All My Children” was over, Susan parlayed her star status with the roles in the series “The Love Boat”, “Dallas” and “Hope & Faith”. Among her recent projects, there are the works in “Hot in Cleveland” and “Devious Maids”.

Although acting is the main source of Susan Lucci’s wealth, it is not the only one for her. The beautiful actress starred in numerous commercials for the famous brands, like Ford Motors and Microsoft Web TV. In addition she participated in a popular show “Dancing with the Stars”. Susan danced in the 7th season of the show. Her partner was a celebrated dancer Tony Dovolani. She competed with such celebs as Kim Kardashian, Tony Braxton and others. Susan occupied the 6th position. No need to say, that DWTS was a powerful source of income for Lucci.

The fragile woman, Susan is a successful business lady too. She has her own line of beauty products “The Susan Lucci Collection”, which is popular among women all over the world.

In addition the TV star published an autobiography “All My Life: A Memoir”, which is sold in various countries and brings Susan constant passive income.

Do you think that Susan Lucci life is a bed of roses? In fact, it is not. This positive woman coped with lots of troubles on her way on top.

Susan Lucci Bio and Career

The actress Susan Lucci was incredibly beautiful and positive since her earliest years. She grew up in an ordinary family, her father has Italian roots. The girl was interested in acting since her school years. Nevertheless she tried to do well in all school subjects. Lucci graduated from Garden City High School and then continued her education at Marymount College.

Susan Lucci was persistent in her intention to become an actress. She visited auditions and very soon was noticed by TV producers. She debuted in “All My Children” and immediately won the rising star status.

Susan Lucci has always dreamed about becoming an actress. But she has also planned to create a friendly family. Lucci married a businessman Helmut Huber in 1969. Till now they remain a happy couple. Susan and Helmut gave a birth to 2 children – a daughter Liza and a son Andreas.

Now Susan Lucci is a grandmother of 4 grandchildren. Unfortunately, one of her grandsons, Brendan, has cerebral palsy. Susan Lucci and her daughter, Liza Huber spend lots of money to help the boy. Not long ago he passed through an expensive and complicated surgery, which had given him a chance to walk.

In spite all of these troubles, Susan Lucci is optimistic and positive. She likes her job and likes to spend the time with her family too. Susan and her husband used to live in a luxurious beach house.


Not long ago the Daytime Queen put her beautiful beach house for sale. The star asks $20 million for her property. Really, not everyone can allow himself to buy such a lavish residence.

Susan Lucci’s home looks like a small paradise. It is situated on the shore of the ocean and is built in a classic European style.

The home consists of 7 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms. The multi-layer house can boast with a large playing area on the 1st floor. The ocean can be seen just from the house windows.

Susan Lucci and her husband Helmut Huber liked to live there. But now they spent their time in their other home in Garden City.


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