Susan Sarandon

Susan Sarandon Net Worth is $50 Million



$50 million


$50 million



Susan Sarandon net worth

Nickname: Susan Abigail Tomalin

Date of birth: the 4th of October, 1946

Profession: actress, restaurateur

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: movies, television, restaurant

Mostly known as Louise from Ridley Scott drama “Thelma and Louise”, Susan Sarandon is one of the most talented actresses of all times. The recipient of prestigious awards like Oscar, Golden Globe, Emmy, the Screen Actors Guild Award and the BAFTA award, Susan Sarandon has saved a net worth of $50 million during several decades of her acting career. Susan Sarandon got an impressively big salary for participation in such movies as “Dead Man Walking”, “The Client”, “The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ and others. Her red hair and pretty open face appeared in such cult TV series as “Friends”, “Children of Dune” and “ER”.

Although it is very hard to earn millions of dollars in Hollywood for actresses of such a solid age, Susan Sarandon never stays without job. Her schedule is extremely busy and the star appears in several new movies every year. The fans could admire her portraying Millie in “Mothers and Daughters”. So, Susan Sarandon salary is high enough, but she never gets tired to make it even bigger. She used to endorse popular cosmetics brand Revlon, which brought her some additional income. The star is a well known restaurateur too. Her Ping-Pong Social Club is opened in 5 locations all over USA – in New York, Toronto, Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco.

Nee Susan Abigail Tomalin, she got her last name from the ex-husband Chris Sarandon. It was Chris, who helped Susan to discover her talent of an actress. Although the couple got divorced after 12 years of marriage, Susan decided to keep his surname and made it well known all over the world.

Beautiful, active and very rich, Susan Sarandon is worth her fans’ love and admiration. 

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