Sylvester Stallone kids: daughters-Miss Golden Globes, the autistic second son and the late first son

Sylvester Stallone kids

No two times are ever the same, that’s why celebs’ kids are rarely successful, like their parents. In case of Sylvester Stallone, unfortunately, none of his two sons managed to reach their father’s level.

But kids are an inseparable part of their parents’ life. That’s why, if you are the fan of Sylvester Stallone, you should know his children too.

The famous actor and millionaire, Sylvester Stallone rose to fame due to participation in such films as “Rocky”, “First Blood”, “Oscar” and others.

Sylvester Stallone and Jack Starrett in First Blood

He put 100% efforts into his work, but at the same time he had always combined career with a rich personal life. He was married three times and has 5 kids from two different women. But what did the fate do to his children?

A Mysterious Life and Death of Sylvester Stallone Son Sage

For each man there are three days in his life, when he can allow himself to cry: the day, when he marries, the day when death comes into his house and the day, when his first son is born.

The actor Sylvester Stallone became a father for the first time at the age of 29. Then he was married to an actress and photographer Sasha Czack. On the 5th of May in 1976 the couple welcomed their baby boy Sage.

He didn’t look like his famous dad, but no doubt, he was really cute and talented. The boy had huge brown eyes, which resembled ripe cherries, and curly black hair.

Sylvester Stallone late son Sage

Of course, he tried his hand as an actor, and appeared alongside Sylvester Stallone in “Rocky V”. Later he starred with his talented dad in “Daylight” and directed the short-time movie “Vic”.

Sage was educated at Montclair College Preparatory School in California and then continued his studying at North Carolina School of the Arts, which he dropped out after a year.

He tried to make a career in a movie industry, but unfortunately he couldn’t reach the level of his father. In cooperation with his friend, a film director Bob Murawski, Sage founded a film restoring company, named “Grindhouse Releasing”.

Sylvester Stallone and Sage Stallone in Rocky V

Sage Stallone tied a knot with an actress Starlin Wright in 2007, but their marriage didn’t last long. They divorced a year later.

After that Sage lived alone and devoted all his free time to movie making. He acted in “Promises Written in Water”, “The Agent” and produced “Gone with the Pope”.

The actor Sage Stallone was found dead on the 13th of July in 2012. His housekeeper came to Sage’s mansion in the morning and found her master dead. Sage was surrounded by bottles of pills, most of which were empty.

The mysterious death of Sage Stallone caused lots of gossips, including the rumors of a murder and a suicide. But later the police denied any words of “foul play”. Stallone Jr.’s official reason of death was announced soon – it was “coronary artery disease”. But the actors’ fans were sure – Sage was overdosed.

Sylvester Stallone refused to comment the situation and begged his fans and journalists not to speculate his son’s death. He added that losing a child is the hardest pain in the world.

Sylvester Stallone, Jennifer Flavin, and Stallone's son Sage

But Sage’s mother Sasha Czack opened up, that her son used painkillers. He passed through a complicated dental surgery several weeks before his death. Sage suffered from severe pain after the operation. He took pills and, probably, that caused his death.

In any case, Sage Stallone tragically passed away in summer, 2012. And from that moment Sylvester Stallone has just one son.

Struggle and Pain of Seargeoh Stallone

The stars are just like other people, and very often they solve the problems, which are familiar to mere mortals. That’s why even popular and rich people are not guaranteed from having a child with special needs.

Sly Stallone's autistic son Seargeoh Stallone

Seargeoh Stallone was born in 1979 and his father immediately gave him a chance to become an actor. He took his baby boy to the movie “Rocky II”, where he portrayed Rocky Balboa Jr. Probably, Seargeoh could become an actor like his parents, but at the age of three he was diagnosed with autism.

No need to say, that this news hurt Seargeoh’s parents Sylvester Stallone and Sasha Czack. They had everything to be happy – fame and money – and couldn’t help their son, who suffered from a health disorder. But like his famous hero Rocky Balboa, Stallone was not going to give up. He started to work too hard to get enough money for his son’s needs. Sasha, on the contrary, left her career to care about her kid.

The famous couple struggled for many years, but neither money nor hard work could cure Seargeoh. Sasha and Sylvester distanced from one another and finally got divorced.

Seargeoh Stallone has turned 38

Nowadays Seargeoh Stallone is 38. He lives very privately, doesn’t make a career and doesn’t have a girlfriend. His father provides him for material support. “I have lots of cash, but can’t help my son”, Sly told bitterly once.

But if Sly Stallone sons made him worry, his daughters, on the contrary, serve as the source of his pride and happiness.

The Brilliant Daughter of Sylvester – Sophia Stallone

Sophia Stallone is the first common child of Sylvester Stallone and a model Jennifer Flavin. She was born on the 27th of August in 1996 and that very year she passed through a complicated heart surgery.

Sly Stallone's eldest daughter Sophia

In 2012 the girl was operated for the second time – heart disorder affected her again. Sly worried about her daughter – he named her “the main love of his life”. By the way, the actor thinks, that Sophia is the only one of his kids, who looks exactly like him.

Sly Stallone and his daughter Sophia Stallone

Nowadays Sophia is a beautiful young woman, who attends the University of Southern California, where she studies communication technologies. In future Sophia hopes to become a successful entrepreneur and start her own makeup line. She uses Kylie Jenner as her role model. She lives in a hostel with other girls and enjoys her carefree student’s life.

Beautiful daughter of Sly - Sophia Stallone

Sophia hasn’t opened up yet, if she is dating someone. But previously Stallone told in his interviews, that he was not ready to let his sweet girl start her first love affair. “I always tell the boys, who come to visit us, not to touch my girl. Usually they get scared of me!” the proud father shared with his fans.

The Mother’s Girl Sistine Stallone

If Sophia is the exact copy of her father, Sistine, on the contrary, is the ideal mother’s girl. She was born on the 27th of June, 1998 in LA, California.

Sistine Stallone is the second daughter of Sly Stallone and Jennifer Flavin

Sistine grew up in a family of two entertainers, that’s why the world of fashion has always been close to her. In 2016 she debuted as a model – and that try turned to be successful!

Using her mother Jennifer Flavin as an example, Sistine works hard to become a famous model. In early 1990s Jennifer was a supermodel and was photoshot for reputable fashion issues, like Cosmopolitan.

Sistine Stallone is a young model

Sistine follows her mother’s path. She has already graced the covers of Town & Country Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue and many others.

Sistine Stallone has already cooperated with the talented photographers Terry Richardson, Doug English and many others.

Sylvester Stallone with his daughter Sistine

When Sistine is free from work, she spends her time, riding a horse or playing volleyball.

Scarlet Stallone – "a Baby Giraffe"

Scarlet Stallone - the youngest daughter of Sly

This girl is the youngest of Sly daughters. She was born on the 25th of March, 2002 in Los Angeles, CA. Currently Scarlet is still a high school pupil. Her father calls her “a tomboy”, while her sisters call the girl “a baby giraffe”, because she is gawky. Like a daughter of a celebrity, she has already tried her hand as an actress and featured in John Herzfeld motivation film “Reach Me”.

But Scarlet hasn’t made plans for future career yet, she doesn’t know if she becomes a model, an actress or anyone else.

Sylvester Stallone with his daughter Scarlet

She attends St. Paul School in Westwood, where Scarlet studies, like any other teenager. For now she is focused on that life of a normal 15 year old girl.

In 2017 three daughters of Jennifer Flavin and Sylvester Stallone collectively were Miss Golden Globes. Three beauties, accompanied by their father, immediately have become a sensation.

Sylvester Stallone daughters as Miss Golden Globes

Sophia, Sistine and Scarlet were showered with positive comments and compliments in the Internet.

Probably, one of them will become the model, like her mother, and the other one will be an actress, like her father.

Sylvester Stallone with his wife Jennifer Flavin and their daughters

But in any case they will always remain “the sweet kids” for a strong mighty Sly, the main weakness of an iron guy and his main love!

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