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Tamara Tunie

Tamara Tunie Net Worth is $8 Million

How rich is Tamara Tunie?

Nickname: Tamara Renee Tunie

Date of birth: the 14th of March, 1959

Profession: actress, producer, film director

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: television, movies

How Much is Tamara Tunie Worth?

Tamara Tunie estimated net worth is $8 million. She saved that wealth from movie industry, making appearances in films, TV shows and stage productions.

She has branched into acting, directing and producing, which has revived her career and turned her back with cash.

Tamara Tunie is mostly known as Jessica Griffin from the series “As the World Turns” and as Caroline Bennett from “Law & Order”.

Tamara Tunie in Law & Order

Tamara Tunie starred not just in TV series, but also in several films. She has been in “The Devil's Advocate”, “Wall Street”, “Flight” and many others.

She tried her hand as a director and producer in the melodrama “See You in September”. The low-budget melodrama about a number of successful people, who lost their psychotherapists and fell into a panic because of it, got quite positive reviews from critics and the audience, but didn’t become a massive hit. Probably, it would, if one more zero was added to the amount of the movie budget. The young actors Justin Kirk, Estella Warren and Liza Lapira tried as hard as they could. But the movie did not come out right, that’s why Tamara Tunie hasn’t been producing since 2010.

Tamara Tunie directed and produced See You in September

But she tried her hand as a stage actress and participated in the off-Broadway show “Familiar”.

The hard work came Tamara Tunie back with huge paychecks. Her net worth could be even bigger, if her manager didn’t steal $1 million from her funds. The man was sued for it. So, as for now, Tamara Tunie is a financially secured person. But how did that all start?

Tamara Tunie Bio and Career

Tamara Tunie young

Tamara Renee Tunie was born in McKeesport, PA. Her parents, Evelyn and James Tunie, were morticians and operated the funeral parlor. The girl grew up with one sister and four brothers.

When the family moved to Homestead, Tamara Tunie started to attend school there. During her years at school she got interested in acting, and participated in a number of school plays. In 1970s the girl participated in the local beauty contest.

Having graduated from school, Tamara Tunie decided to become a professional actress. She entered Carnegie Mellon University, where studied fine arts.

Tamara Tunie biography

At the beginning of her career way, Tamara Tunie tried a number of survival jobs. She worked at the office, typing various kinds of documents, but it was incredibly boring for her. “I was not paid at the beginning of my acting career, but I got lots of bills – for the apartment, dental service etc. Once I even worked at NBC with human recourses, and did it as good as I could. Soon they offered me the full-time job, but I refused. I had another plan!”

Tamara Tunie salary increased in 1986, when she finally won the role. She depicted Nina in the series “Spenser: For Hire”, where she had a chance to work with Robert Urich and Avery Brooks.

Tunie rose to fame with her work in the series “As the World Turns”.

How much is Tamara Tunie worth?

Being actively involved into movie industry till now, Tamara Tunie relaxes in her big mansion, where she lives with her second husband Gregory Generet.

Tamara Tunie House

Tamara Tunie house

The actress Tamara Tunie currently lives at New York City. Her beautiful cottage is situated at Manhattan Townhouse and costs about $3, 8 million.

The house is not just beautiful and comfortable; it has an important historical meaning. The home was built in 1896. It was designed by a famous in those times architect William Storm. The house consists of 5 storeys and several apartments, one of which is occupied by an actress Tamara Tunie and her husband.

Tamara Tunie home consists of several bedrooms, a bathroom, a living room and a kitchen.

The house of a popular actress has warm wooden floors and high ceilings. It is decorated with crystal chandeliers and tall floor-to-ceiling windows.

Tamara Tunie house

The furniture in Tamara Tunie apartment is selected with great taste. She has hard wooden tables, massive white and brown armchairs and mirrors with wide golden frame. 

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