Tara Strong

Tara Strong Net Worth is $10 Million

How rich is Tara Strong?

Nickname: Tara Lyn Strong

Date of birth: the 12th of February, 1973

Profession: actress, voice actress, singer

Nationality: Canada

Source of wealth: television, animation films

How Much is Tara Strong Worth?

You may not know the face of this beautiful Canadian-born actress, but surely, you have already heard her voice. Tara Strong did the voice work for the most popular modern animation films in the world, such as “Monsters University”, “Minions”, “The Secret Life of Pets” etc.

Tara Strong net worth and career

To her 44th age mark Tara accumulated $10 million net worth. The most part of Strong’s wealth comes from her earnings of a voice actress. Every year Tara Strong is involved into making animation films for children, which are watched all over the world. Among her recent projects there is the voice work for animation “The Emoji Movie”.

Alongside career of a voice actress, Tara Strong develops her skills of a business person. She founded the company “VoiceStarz Inc”, which trains people for doing the voice work. This venture makes the star wealthier too. Thus the mother of 2 children, Tara Strong earns her living. But how did she start her career?

Tara Strong’s Way On Top

It is hard to believe now, but Tara Strong started to train her acting skills at the age of 4 in Toronto, Canada, where she was born. The girl managed to become a star of a school production and after that she had appeared in many performances, staged at her school. That very time Tara started her train at the Yiddish Theatre, although she didn’t speak Yiddish.

When Tara Strong was in her teens, she played Gracie in “The Music Man” theater production, which is considered as the first professional work in her film list.

Tara Strong made the first TV appearance in Canadian sitcom “Mosquito”, but after that she moved to LA, where started to voice animation heroes. She gained international popularity after she had given her voice to Twilight Sparkle in kid’s series “My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic”.

Tara Strong and her famous heroine Twilight Sparkle

After that her earnings reached the new level. 

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