Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Net Worth is $250 Million


$250 million


$250 million


$360 million


$250 million


$310 million

Taylor Swift net worth

Nicknames: Taylor Alison Swift, T-Swizzle, Tay, T-Swift

Date of birth: the 13th of December, 1989

Profession: singer, songwriter

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: music

Taylor Swift Net Worth by Year

(estimated by Moneynation)


$8, 5 million


$121 million


$225 million


$291 million


$311 million


Taylor Swift is a beautiful blond, tall and skinny, with soft makeup and nice voice. For most of people she is a romantic girl, who sings about love and devotes her songs to ex-boyfriends. But in fact a prude Taylor is a successful moneymaker, who was ranked by Forbes as the highest-paid performer in 2016. Her net worth is estimated as $250 million.

The main source of Taylor’s wealth is her activity of a musician. In 2016 she participated in her 1989 Tour and got $200 million from tickets selling. That amount is considered as a new record. Previously Rolling Stones were the leaders (information is given by Forbes). Her earnings are estimated as $170 million during the year of 2016.

In fact, Taylor is worth money she earns. Her songs become popular immediately after their release and although her voice is sometimes criticized and is considered as quite weak, in spite of this fact her fans get crazy in order to buy her each new album.

Now Taylor Swift can boast with 5 studio albums. All of them got at least platinum status. Taylor has already received dozens of “Grammy”. She is the only female musician, who had sold two million copies of her albums per week. Her albums occupied the leading positions in Billboard Hot 100 during six months. She has already sold more than twenty-six million copies of albums and seventy-five million songs in electronic form all over the world. So, Swift is not just a well-fixed person. She is a brand and she can’t stop making money.

Of course, the beauty with long fair hair has lots of endorsement contracts, which serve as an additional source of wealth for her. She endorses Diet Coke and Apple products. Previously she advertised CoverGirl cosmetics. 

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