Ten Most Expensive Celebs Gifts: Scarlet Roses for Monroe, Yacht for Aniston and Many Other Surprises

Ten Most Expensive Celebs Gifts

Have you ever imagined that you are a celebrity? That you have ideal body, millions at your account and lots of fans, who send you flowers, teddy bears and chocolate sweets?

 Really, famous people constantly get gifts, but they become even more resourceful, when they are preparing presents for their loved ones and family members. We know that a boxer Floyd Mayweather gave expensive vehicles to his each child on the 16th birthday. But what are the most expensive gifts which famous people have ever given?

1) Brad Pitt

Price of the Gift: $5, 5 million

Brad Pitt's Gift to Jennifer Aniston

The leader of our list is Brad Pitt. Most of people admired his love story with effective Angelina Jolie, but it turned out, that Pitt had given the most expensive present not to her. It was Jennifer Aniston, who got $5, 5 million yacht from her husband. According to “Sun”, Pitt bought the yacht “Kalizma”, which this year celebrates its 111 birthday. The yacht had already become a special gift in 1967, when Richard Burton gave it to Elizabeth Taylor.

Brad Pitt presented a yacht to Aniston

In 2004 Brad bought it for his beautiful wife Jen. “I want to remind, that I am constantly thinking about you!” he told to Jen. Although the couple separated a year after, still Pitt and Aniston’s love remains as beautiful and pure as it was.

2) Ben Affleck

Price of the Gifts: $3 million approximately

Ben Affleck Gift to JLo

They say, after his divorce to Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck tries to get his ex-love Jennifer Lopez back. The mutual friend of Gone Girl actor told, Ben had already phoned J.Lo and asked her to meet in person.

The fans of Bennifer are looking forward to hear the news about the return of their couple. Ben seemed to be really in love with the hot Latin star. He gave her numerous presents and spent at least $3 million to please his girl.

Ben Affleck Gift to JLo

Although Affleck and Lopez have never been married officially, still Ben proposed the singer and gave $2, 5 million ring with a huge pink diamond to prove his love.

JLo engagement ring, presented by Ben Affleck

But that luxurious gift seemed not enough for love-drunk Ben. He presented Phantom Rolls Royce to Jen on her 33rd birthday. The vehicle cost him about $400, 000. He gave another half a million ring to sexual Jen just after the engagement. This time it was a golden ring with topaz. It must be really pleasant to be such a classy lady, like Jennifer.

3) Angelina Jolie

Price of the Gift: $1, 6 million

Angelina Jolie gift to Brad Pitt

 Another classy lady Angelina Jolie is a financially independent. That’s why she refused from Brad Pitt’s financial support, when they were involved into a complicated divorce process. Probably, Tourist actress forgot about that sweet time, when she was happy with Pitt and gave him expensive gifts.

Jolie gave Pitt a helicopter

Jolie bought $1, 6 million helicopter to her hubby and father of 6 children. The couple enjoyed the rest at their Chateau Miraval in France, when Jolie suddenly made Brad a surprise present. By the way, there was not any special occasion, just a generous gift to a beloved husband for any reason.

Brad Pitt is a licensed pilot, nevertheless he decided to take several flying lessons before he invited his then-wife and their 6 children on board.

4) Jennifer Aniston

Price of the Gift: $1 million

Jennifer Aniston gave a present to Justin Theroux

Jennifer Aniston has passed through a complicated period in her life, when Pitt cheated her with Mrs. Smith actress Jolie. But finally she tied a knot for the 2nd time and married Justin Theroux in 2015. Jennifer, who is considered as one of the most sexual women in the world, dated a couple of famous men after her sad unexpected divorce. Finally she found that one, who saved her from sorrow.

Justin Theroux motorcycle - a gift from Aniston

The actress Aniston, who spends thousands of dollars on her beauty monthly, doesn’t forget about her husband too. She gave Justin a motorcycle, some parts of which were covered with gold. The price of the vehicle is $1 million.

Now Justin can be noticed, riding his motor in the suburb of New York, when Jen is busy with some acting gig.

5) Richard Burton

Price of the Gift: $1 million

Richard Burton gave Elizabeth Taylor lots of presents

Richard Burton, who was a famous actor and 7-time Oscar nominee, fell in love with Elizabeth Taylor in 1963, when they met at the set of “Cleopatra”. Their romance is still being discussing in media; their marriage and divorce (they married and divorced each other 2 times) were described in the movie “Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton”.

Their relationships were full of love, conflicts and outpouring passion. Richard, who was madly in love, gave Elizabeth numerous expensive gifts. One of them – an engagement ring – cost him astonishing $1 million.

Elizabeth Taylor engagement ring - a gift from Richard Burton

Richard gave Elizabeth the ring on the 24th of October in 1969 to express his love to the actress and to propose her. The diamond, which decorated the ring, weighed 13 gr. Elizabeth posed with a ring numerous times. She put it on, when attended Grace Kelly’s 40th birthday and had it for the 42nd Oscar ceremony.

Burton bought the diamond at a public auction for $1 million, having defeated another rich rival a billionaire Aristotle Onassis, the second husband of Jackie Kennedy.

6) Katy Perry

Price of the Gift: $200, 000

Katy Perry gave a special gift to Russell Brand

They say when a man is in love, he is ready for everything, including the bouquet of 1 million scarlet roses. But a woman in love can make grand gestures too. Katy Perry loved her ex-husband an actor Russell Brand so much.

To make his 35th birthday unforgettable, Katy bought 2 tickets to outer space for $200, 000. The singer decided to stay in private with her hubby and take him out of this planet for a while. She got the tickets on board of Virgin Galactic space ship. During the space trip two stars could experience the state of anti-gravity within 5 minutes during the trip.

Katy Perry presented Russell Brand a space trip

Such unusual gift could literally take two lovers into the sky, but both preferred to stay firmly on the ground, when they filed for divorce in late 2011. After that two former partners dragged each other through the muck. But Katy Perry’s generous gift is still remembered by her fans.

7) David and Victoria Beckham

Price of the Gift: $100, 000

David and Victoria Beckham presented Audis to their mothers

Each celebrity is made of talent and hard work. In addition each celebrity was brought up by the parents, who hadn’t regretted time and money for a talented child. The famous soccer player David Beckham and his wife, ex-singer and designer Victoria Beckham, decided to thank their mothers for everything and gave each of them Audi. The brand car costs about $50, 000, so two Audis cost them $100, 000.

David and Victoria Beckham presented Audis to their mothers

Victoria and David bring up 4 children, and both mothers Sandra Georgina Beckham and Jackie Adams support the kids, when their stellar parents are busy with work. These two celebs decided to thank their mothers and gave them brand new cars. Great gesture, isn’t it?

8) Jessica Simpson

Price of the Gift: $100, 000

Jessica Simpson gift to Tony Romo

Jessica Simpson dated an athlete and football player Tony Romo in 2007-2009. The actress and the quarterback met in November, 2007 – a year after her painful divorce to Nick Lachey. Jessica’s and Tony’s relationship developed so fast. They kissed in public and gave each other unusual presents. One of most expensive and original gifts cost Jessica $100, 000. She bought Tony the speedboat. The singer Simpson presented the boat for Romo’s 28th birthday.

Jessica Simpson gave Tony Romo a speedboat

But the footballer’s present for Jessica’s 29th birthday was not so wonderful. He broke up with the girl the night before her birthday. The reason was that Jessica took too much of his attention and he couldn’t focus on his career.

9) Robert Pattison

Price of the Gift: $46, 000

Robert Pattison gave a special gift to Kirsten Stewart

Robert Pattison and Kristen Stewart relationship was complicated too. The couple started dating in June 2009 and partied their ways in May, 2013. Kirsten and Robert, who were co-stars in numerous projects, including Twilight saga and Vampire Diaries, were considered as one of the best couples in Hollywood. Later Kirsten told, that their love “turned into a product” and people, who wanted to see them together, actually ruined their relationship.

In any case, these two actors had really great time together and exchanged special gifts. On her 23rd birthday romantic Pattison gave Kristen Bentley fountain pen. The pen was made of yellow gold and cost $46, 000. If the present seems unusual to you, you should know, that K-Stew has a great pen collection at home and likes elegant stylish pens very much. Robert chose another – expensive and luxurious – pen for her collection and engraved it with the words “From R”.

Robert Pattison gave Kirsten Stewart Bentley fountain pen

By the way, Pattison was a generous and love-drunk guy during his time with Kristen. That very year he gave her an antique bracelet and asked to move in together,

The reason of Stewart-Pattison separation was her cheating. The actress was rumored to start an affair with a film director Rupert Sanders. Probably, great presents looked unconvincing for her.

10) Joe DiMaggio

Price of the Gift: Unspecified

Joe DiMaggio gave Marilyn Monroe lots of gifts

It is hard to calculate the price of the present, which a basketball player Joe DiMaggio gave to his wife, an actress and sex symbol Marilyn Monroe.

Their marriage lasted during 9 months only, but his love lasted forever. The friends of the couple tell, Joe was madly in love with Monroe, and each his gesture showed, how careful he was about her. DiMaggio was a regular at New York flower shop and bought roses for $200 almost every day during their marriage.

Joe DiMaggio Marilyn Monroe roses

When he heard about Monroe’s death, DiMaggio tried his best to arrange the funeral for his ex-love. He gave the late actress the huge heart, made of flowers.

Heart made of roses from Dimaggio to Monroe funeral

After her death he visited Marilyn’s grave almost every week and brought the bouquet of roses with him. Monroe got flowers from her ex-husband during 20 years after her death every single week. It is hard to calculate, what amount the athlete spent on roses for Marilyn, but no doubt, it was enormous. Who else could remain faithful to a woman after their divorce and her early death?

DiMaggio brought roses to Monroe grave

As you can see, celebs can love too – and their love is sometimes tragic. Famous men and women meet each other, give special presents, get married – and get divorced. The price of each present in this list is incredibly high – and not just because of the pile of dollars, which was paid for it. But because of a string of private emotions each person invested into the gift.

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