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Teresa Earnhardt


Teresa Earnhardt

Teresa Earnhardt Net Worth is $50 Million

How rich is Teresa Earnhardt?

Nickname: Teresa Houston

Date of birth: the 29th of October, 1958

Profession: business woman, heiress

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: DEI

How Much is Teresa Earnhardt Worth?

Very often successful athletes, businessmen or musicians choose as wives some incredibly beautiful popular women – models, actresses or winners of beauty pageants. Just remember such popular couples as Donald Trump and Melanie Knauss, Carla Bruni and Nicolas Sarkozy, Miranda Kerr and Evan Spiegel.

But there are famous men with deep pockets, who chose as wives simple supportive ladies, who prefer to stay in their husband’s shadow.

Teresa Earnhardt and her husband NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt

Nee Teresa Houston was one of such women, when she met a famous NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt. The couple tied a knot in 1982 and after that Teresa began to support her husband’s career. Incredibly talented as a race car driver, Dale was quite helpless as a financier, but his wealth doubled with Teresa’s help.

Teresa Earnhardt and Dale Earnhardt wedding day

The couple founded and owned Dale Earnhardt Incorporated (DEI). The company owns a NASCAR team. In addition it became popular through its merchandising goods.

In 2001 Dale Earnhardt tragically died in a car crash during Daytona 500 race. That very race brought his wife Teresa the first victory – the driver of her tem was the 1st to come.

How much is Teresa Earnhardt worth?

After her husband’s death Teresa Earnhardt inherited DEI rights. Now she is the only woman in the world to own car racing team. The drivers for her team are Darrell Waltrip, Steve Park and Kenny Wallace to name a few.

She tries her best to develop her husband’s legacy. Dei under Teresa’s control celebrates Dale Earnhardt Day, which is appointed on the 29th of April, Dale’s birthday. In addition she opened a showroom, where her late husband’s fans can purchase the good, related to his name. She has also opened DEI campus to honor Dale Earnhardt’s memory. It can be visited from Wednesday to Saturday every week.

Her business activity brings Teresa a solid income. Currently her net worth is estimated at $50 million. But nothing is that simple. Teresa is involved into court battle with Dale Earnhardt Jr., the son of her late spouse from the previous marriage.

Court Battle with Dale Earnhardt Junior

Teresa Earnhardt has a court battle with her stepson Dale Earnhardt Jr

Dale Earnhardt Jr continued his father’s business, but reached even higher peak in it. One of the most high-paid NASCAR drivers in the world, Dale Jr is known by his merchandising deals too. Now he battles with his stepmother Teresa for the rights for the brand name “Dale Earnhardt”. The son of the popular race car driver bears the same name as his father did. But he is forbidden to use his own name to sign merchandising goods, as the rights for it belong to Teresa.

Dale Jr and Teresa try to find a compromise in court. Their battle has been lasting for a decade already.

Teresa Earnhardt and her stepson Dale Earnhardt Jr in their better days

Dale’s fans hate Teresa, who has forbidden her step son to drive the car with the 8th number – the same number Dale Sr used to drive.

But Teresa tries to forget about her strained relationship with her stepson, hiding in her personal cave.

Teresa Earnhardt House

What house does Teresa Earnhardt live in?

The widow Teresa Earnhardt doesn’t like to appear in public. She is criticized for that by her husband’s fans. But Teresa prefers the public events to calm evenings in her enormous house.

The business lady owns a house in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. It is a picturesque city with a population about 50, 000 citizens only.

The city is known by its beautiful gardens, full of pines and other trees. In addition it served as a home for several notable people, such as a tennis player Serena Williams, a golf player Rory McIlroy and many others.

Teresa Earnhardt house

Teresa owns a multi-layer house built in Victorian style. Her lovely house is built of grey stone and covered with roofs of unusual shape. The house looks like a combination of several separate houses, united together. The residence boasts with huge arc windows, tall chimneys and a terrace with columns – the main peculiarity of the houses, built in Victorian style. 

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