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Thalia Net Worth is $60 Million

How rich is Thalia?

Nicknames: Ariadna Thalía Sodi Miranda; Thalia Mottola

Date of birth: the 26th of August, 1971

Profession: singer, actress, fashion designer

Nationality: Mexico

Source of wealth: music, Latin soap opera, movies

How Much is Thalia Worth?

Thalia net worth

It is not so easy for a woman of Hispanic ethnicity to become popular in USA and worldwide. Alongside Jennifer Lopez, Thalia is considered as one of the most popular and influential Latin celebrity. To her 45th age mark she kept great physical shape and $60 million net worth.

The major part of her wealth Thalia earned as a pop star. She is known by her 13 albums, which enjoyed some commercial success in Mexico and other countries of Latin America. Thalia’s debut self-titled album was released in 2002. Later she produced English version of the disk, which helped her enlarge her fan base and add English speaking viewers to her audience.

Thalia recorded duos with some popular Latin performers, including Mark Anthony and Eric Rubin.

Thalia’s activity in music area is supported by her husband, business mogul Tommy Motolla (former head of Sony Music and former Mariah Carey spouse), although Thalia denies the fact, that Tommy helps her with her career.

The other source of Thalia wealth is her work of an actress. She was ranked as the queen of Latin soap opera. The star participated in such Mexican TV series as “María Mercedes”, “Marimar”, “Rosalinda” etc.

Thalia as Marimar

.Thalia appeared in several films too. In addition, she lent her sweet voice to Scarlett Overkill from “The Minion” in Spanish version of the animation (this heroine was voiced by Sandra Bullock in English version). By the way, Scarlett’s husband Herb was voiced by Ricky Martin.

Thalia and Ricky Martin voice Scarlet and Herb Overkill

So, Thalia makes millions of dollars through her activity of an actress, voice actress and singer. To make her fortune even bigger, the beauty tried her hand as a fashion designer and launched her own line of clothing, named “Thalia Sodi”.

As you see, Thalia can relax and be sure, her net worth is constantly growing. But how did she start?

Thalia’s Way On Top

Thalia way on top

In fact, Thalia enjoyed wealthy lifestyle since her youngest years. She was born in a rich family in Mexico City. From her childhood she took music and ballet lessons. Thalia’s inspiration is her older sister Laura Zapata, who has also become a popular actress.

At the age of 8 Thalia began to study music professionally at the Instituto Mexicano de Musica. The girl played the piano, listened to classical music and began to sing songs. She made some songwriting experiments too. At the age of 13 Thalia debuted as a singer – she was a part of a teen group Timbiriche. The band enjoyed wide popularity throughout the countries of Latin America, and Thalia was the heart and the main star of the group. 

In middle 1980s Thalia tried her hand as an actress too. She featured in Spanish language soap opera “Quinceñera”.

In late 1980 Thalia left the band and moved to LA to start career of a singer there. She met a music producer Alfredo Díaz Ordaz, with whom she released several solo albums, including popular “Love” (1992).

Thalia gained the star status in 2002, when she presented the self-titled disk. Later the album “Thalia” was translated into English.

In 2016 the singer released her last for now album “Latina”, which got golden status in Latin America.

The glamorous celebrity must not just earn money, but spend too. Thalia and her husband, music mogul Tommy Mottola, know this rule.

Thalia and her husband Tommy MottolaThat’s why they used to buy a huge mansion, which looked like a palace.

Thalia House

The mansion looks as luxurious as the houses in Mexican soap operas Thalia used to act in 1990s. Multi-level house is covered from public eyes by tall trees and neatly cut bushes. It was designed by famous architect Michael Perry and re-built by Thalia and her hubby Tommy. Several years ago the couple sold it for $6, 53 million.

Thalia House

The building consists of 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms and an elevator, which took Thalia and her guests to the 2nd floor.

The territory around the house looks like a small piece of paradise. There’s not just a pool there (which is a must-have for celebs’ homes), but also a fountain and patio.

Thalia House

Probably, Thalia and Tommy Mottola’s new mansion is not less beautiful. 

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