Thomas Keller

Thomas Keller Net Worth is $30 Million



$30 million


$30 million



Thomas Keller net worth

Nickname: None

Date of birth: the 14th of October, 1955

Profession: cook, restaurateur

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: cooking, restaurants, books

Each housewife can make delicious dishes, but only some cooks can become really rich. Thomas Keller is a person, who saved $30 million net worth due to his ability to prepare tasty food.

The main source of Thomas Keller net worth is his restaurants. He owns three of them – “Per Se”, “The French Laundry” and “Bouchon”. He served as chef at “The French Laundry” and his other restaurants and is an author of several incredibly tasty original dishes. Thomas described how to cook the food, which is served in his restaurants, in several books, including “The French Laundry Cookbook” and “Bouchon Cookbook”. His books are sold all over the world, and it brings the chef quite a solid income.

The multi Michelin starred chef, Thomas assisted in creating of several movies. He prepared Adam Sandler for the movie “Spanglish” and taught the comedian to cook “the best sandwich”. He also helped in creation of the animation film “Ratatouille” and voiced one of the restaurants’ visitors in the cartoon.

Thomas Keller is known by his incredibly serious attitude towards cooking. His dishes are always perfect, they are made from the best ingredients, and their proportions are calculated thoroughly. He never stops working and creates new dishes or improves the existing ones. No need to say that his income is constantly growing.

In 2017 the star chef presented the new bar of “healthy” chocolate, where olive oil is used instead of cocoa butter. The chocolate is sold for $14, 95 each bar. Hopefully, this new deal will make Thomas Keller even wealthier.  

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