Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods Net Worth is $740 Million



$640 million


$740 million


$720 million


$826 million

Tiger Woods net worth

Nicknames: Eldrick Tont Woods, Righty, Urkel

Date of birth: the 30th of December, 1975

Profession: golfer

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: golf

Tiger Woods Net Worth by Year

(estimated by Moneynation)


$20 million


$131 million


$329 million


$490 million


$826 million


Probably, Tiger Woods is the most successful golfer in the world. That’s why many young athletes and other young people, who want to become the most successful in their area of activity, take Tiger Woods as a role model. In fact, his net worth could be at least $100 million bigger, if he hadn’t been involved in an expensive and complicated divorce process with a model Ellen Nordegren. He was accused to have 121 mistresses during the years of their marriage.

In any case, Tiger Woods remains one of the greatest ever living athletes. From his earliest years the boy was keen on golf. Once he started to practice that game together with his father and from that moment golf was his main passion.

Tiger tried to get education at Stanford University, but he quit his studying to pursue his career.

During the decades in golf he had won numerous tournaments and titles. He is the youngest player to win Grand Slam tournament. He is the leader among active golfers in the number of victories in Major tournaments and in PGA tournaments. In general Tiger won $1, 3 billion of prize money.

In 2016 Tiger’s earnings are estimated as $45, 5 million (according to Forbes). He gets $274, 000 annually from the main source of his wealth – golf, and about $45 million from his additional source of wealth – endorsement deals. The stellar athlete has been endorsing such brands as Nike, Rolex, Upper Deck, AT&T and many others.

Tiger Woods is often asked about the secret of his incredible success. Of course, the main reason of Tiger’s wealth and popularity is his talent. But he has an advice for his followers too. “Get dressed and behave like a winner!” – Tiger tells to all young and ambitious people in the world. 

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