Tim Cook

Tim Cook Net Worth is $400 Million



$400 million


$400 million


Between $400 and $600 million


Tim Cook net worth

Nickname: Timothy Donald Cook

Date of birth: the 1st of November, 1960

Profession: CEO of Apple, businessman

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: Apple

Tim Cook is known worldwide as SEO of Apple – one of the most popular American companies. His net worth is estimated as $400 million. Some issues estimate his wealth as $600 million. The main part of Tim Cook’s wealth was earned during his years in Apple. He started his career in Apple as the Senior Vice President and got $900, 000 million salary then. Now, as CEO of Apple, he earns $8-10 million annually. His salary depends on the profit the company makes. Unfortunately, in 2016 Apple income decreased for the first time within the last 13 years. Last year Tom Cook earned just $8, 5 million (according to Justrichest). But even that reduced amount seems enormous for an ordinary person. Tim Cook, who enjoys his millions now, was not so rich in his early years.

Tim Cook comes from a simple American family. His father served as a foreman at a shipbuilding company and his mother earned her living as a pharmacist. Tim was incredibly intelligent from his school years and was considered as one of the best pupils in his class. He graduated with a bachelor degree from Auburn University. He studied engineering there and after graduation started to work at IBM. He stayed during 12 years there and gained enough experience to make a great leap forward in his career. He moved to Intelligent Electronics and then spent some time at Compaq till finally he was hired by late Steve Jobs.

During Tim Cook time at Apple he tried his best to renew the brand’s popularity. He came to the company in 1998, when it was a hard time there and Steve Jobs planned to change the corporate image. He needed strong talented engineers to realize his bold ideas and Tim Cook soon proved he was worth Jobs’s trust. Besides he changed the companies, which made parts for Apple products, thus having reduced the cost of production.

Multi millionaire Tim Cook, who announced his homosexuality several years ago, is reported to lead simple way of life. 

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