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Tom Coughlin

Tom Coughlin Net Worth is $16 Million

Tom Coughlin net worth

Nickname: Thomas Richard Coughlin

Date of birth: the 31st of August, 1946

Profession: American football coach

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: sports

How Much is Tom Coughlin Worth?

How rich is Tom Coughlin?

Tom Coughlin rose to fame as a reputable NFL coach. His work of a trainer is the main source of his income. His career peak was in 2004, when he was appointed as New York Giants head coach.

Tom Coughlin was ranked as one of the most high-paid coaches in the world. And he tried a lot to work out the money, which were invested in him. He led New York Giants to Super Bowl victory twice (in 2009 and 2011). In 2011 Coughlin signed the new deal with Giants. Then his multi-year year contract was estimated at $21 million. Tom got $7 million annual salary.

Tom Coughlin as Giants head coach

But in 2015 Giants lost two consecutive matches, and it caused a wave of criticism against Coughlin. In 2016 he left his post of Giants coach, mostly because of pressure on him.

Nevertheless in January, 2016 70-year old Coughlin found another job. He renewed his collaboration for Jacksonville Jaguars (he coached the team in 1995-2002). Tom was appointed as executive vice president of football operations.

So, Tom’s fans can be sure, their favorite celebrity will get a high salary in the nearest future and will keep his solid net worth.

By the way, Tom is ready to share his money with other people, who were not so lucky. He spends a lot for charity. The coach runs Tom Coughlin Jay Fund Foundation, which supports people (mostly children), diagnosed with leukemia.

Tom Coughlin’s Way On Top

Tom Coughlin young

The legendary coach grew up in Waterloo. He showed his talent of an athlete, being a high school pupil. Coughlin continued playing football and basketball during his studying at Syracuse University. Having got bachelor degree in education, Tom moved his path to the world of coaching.

At the age of 34 Tom was appointed as the lead trainer of the Rochester Institute of Technology. He coached the University team for several years and under his supervision team showed recording results.

The second Coughlin’s coach job was at Boston College. He led his teammates to victory over famous Notre Dame. Thus Tom Coughlin established himself as a skilful coach.

Tom Coughlin at work

Soon he pumped up his earnings, as he signed the deal with Jacksonville Jaguars. With Coughlin Jaguars won numerous matches. In 2002 he left his post because of the team owner Wayne Weaver.

In 2004 Coughlin signed the deal with Giants and had collaborated with them till 2015. Since January, 2017 he renewed his cooperation with Jaguars.

As you see, Tom Coughlin had lots of ups and downs on his career way. But being on his peak, he saved enough cash and bought several pieces of property.

Tom Coughlin House

Tom Coughlin house

Tom Coughlin is rumored to own several houses. During his problematic period in “Giants”, Tom purchased a new house for $720, 000 in Wyckoff, NJ. He put his current big mansion on sale after that.

Have a look at Tom Coughlin’s house. Tom bought it for $1, 18 million in 2003. He spent many great years with his wife and four children there and finally put it on sale for $1, 175 million, which is less than he had paid for it.

The house looks solid outside and inside. Tom and his family members lived in two level mansion, built of white brick.

The house has 3 bedrooms and four bathrooms, built in English Tudor style in 2002. There’s also a comfortable living-room with a red sofa and an elegant wooden table in front of it. There’s a fireplace in the living-room too.

Tom Coughlin house

It is not known, why Tom decided to sell this comfortable house. Probably, the reason was his dismissal from Giants.

Tom Coughlin Car

Tom Coughlin Car

Like any other man, Tom Coughlin likes cars. But unlike any other man, the legendary coach has enough cash to buy really expensive vehicles.

One of his favorite cars (which he put on sale recently) was Porsche 356. The beautiful red vehicle cost astonishing $200, 000. But that’s not big for a celebrity, isn’t it?

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