Tom Cruise Wives and Penelope Cruz

Tom Cruise love history

You may love him or not, but no doubt, you have an opinion on Tom Cruise. The brightest star of all times, internationally popular actor and producer, Tom Cruise has appeared in a number of cult films, like “Top Gun”, “Mission Impossible”, “A Few Good Man” etc.

He has achieved Hollywood Olympus, but in his personal life Tom Cruise isn’t so successful. Nowadays the actor is 55, and he is single (at least, he has no public relationship).

But he was married three times and in addition dated to beautiful talented women numerous times. Here are three ex-wives of Tom Cruise and a very special woman, a Spanish actress Penelope Cruz, whom he loved. So, take a cup of cocoa and enjoy!

“I never feel boring with Mimi”

Tom Cruise first wife Mimi Rogers

In 1988 the rising Hollywood star Tom Cruise attended Oprah Winfrey show.  Oprah called him “the sexiest man in the world” and announced, that each woman “wants his body”, but Tom just smiled and told, that his heart belongs to his wife Mimi Rogers. “I never feel boring with Mimi”, the actor said. Then he was really in love with her, so experienced, so beautiful and so popular.

Tom Cruise and Mimi Rogers

They met in 1985 and started dating a year later. It was Mimi, who introduced Tom to Scientology and took him to the Scientologist Enhancement Centre. Born Mimi Spickler, she was a daughter of a Scientologist missioner. Later Mimi married to a scientologist Jim Rogers. Their marriage lasted for 3 years and in 1980 they divorced.

When Mimi met a rising star Tom, she had already become popular. She played in the series “Magnum, P.I” and “Hill Street Blues”. Mimi was 6 years older, than Tom, she was much taller; nevertheless she fell in love with him.

In fact, Tom loved Mimi too, but he was a real Lovelace. Cruise slept with numerous women, and he couldn’t cope with that his passion.

It was Mimi Rogers, who introduced Tom Cruise to scientology

That’s why Mimi introduced Tom Cruise to Scientology. She hoped, it would help him become more faithful.

In 1987 they wedded at a very private ceremony. Only a few close friends, including the actor Emilio Estevez, were present. After that Cruise showered Mimi with compliments in his interviews.

But in spite of all Tom Cruise words, his love to Mimi didn’t last for long. They got divorced in 1990. Later Mimi told that Tom’s enthusiasm for Scientology had become frightening. He was even ready to become a monk.

“One day I hope to hold little Kidman-Cruise”

Tom Cruise and his second wife Nicole Kidman

That very year Cruise separated from Rogers, he married another woman, an Australian actress Nicole Kidman. They met at the set of the movie “Days of Thunder”. The Australian beauty Nicole Kidman and American heartthrob Tom Cruise fell in love immediately. They enjoyed each minute of work, and then spoke for hours after a long filming day.

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman in Days of Thunder

In one of Days of Thunder scenes Tom Cruise hero expressed admiration of Kidman heroine. That was not an act. He really was head over heels in love with her. In December, 1990 they tied a knot.

Nicole Kidman was just 23, when she wedded a Hollywood star Tom Cruise, who had just turned 30. They seemed to be really happy and madly in love. From the very beginning their personal life was enveloped with rumors. First of all, Nicole got numerous congratulations on her “pregnancy”.

While being interviewed by Barbara Walters in 1992, Tom Cruise denied the pregnancy rumors. Nevertheless, he hoped that one day he would hold “little Kidman-Cruise”.

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman used to be so happy!

In fact, Nicole’s pregnancy was one of stumbling blocks in her marriage to Cruise. Tom dreamed about a big family, and Nic got pregnant very soon, but that turned to be ectopic pregnancy, which caused complications. After that Kidman couldn’t get pregnant again, and Tom convinced her to adopt kids. Till Nicole turned 27, she had already become a mother of 2 adopted kids – a daughter Isabella and a son Connor. And she liked it!

Kidman was absolutely satisfied with her marriage, but her career served as the source of disappointment for her. She was titled as “the wife of Tom Cruise”, and the talented actress couldn’t go beyond those frames.

Nicole Kidman suffered from being "just Tom Cruise wife"

Their relationships suffered from Tom’s passion to Scientology too. At the beginning of their marriage, Cruise showered Nicole with presents and arranged homemade holidays for her. But later he threw his body and soul to work and his religion. Nicole felt, that Tom was too good for her. She even started a diary, where shared her thoughts about her being “imperfect”.

The last straw, which broke the “camel’s back” was Kidman-Cruise participation in the movie “Eyes Wide Shut”. Stanley Kubrick, who directed the film, convinced two actors to participate. Although Nicole and Tom tried not to work together, they respected Kubrick and agreed.

Nicole Kidman in Eyes Wide Shut

The film turned to be emotionally exhausted. Having made it, two actors filed for divorce.

“It’s really wonderful, actually!”

Tom Cruise was engaged to Penelope Cruz

Kidman and Cruise separated in 2001. Tom passed through a complicated period in his life, and to cope with his emotions, the actor accepted one career offer after another.

Thus he started filming “Vanilla Sky”. According to the movie plot, Cruise hero was in love with Sofia, portrayed by Peneope Cruz.

Around that time Cruz had already become popular in Spain. “Vanilla Sky” was her attempt to gain popularity in Hollywood. And it turned to be successful.

A new affair was not in Cruz’s plan, but she couldn’t resist Tom’s charm.

They started their relationship at the set of “Vanilla Sky”. After that both tried to keep their love at a distance, but it was quite hard. Their schedules were conflicting, while their hearts were beating in time.

Tom Cruise was often asked how he managed to date Penelope, who resided in Spain. In one of is red-carpet interviews he answered, that he had “phone and fax”, and “it was wonderful, actually”.

In any case, Pe and Tom dated during long three years. He had already introduced the actress to his mother. Cruise was close to pop the question. But that didn’t fulfill.

Tom and Penelope separated in 2004. The reason was “religious differences”. Penelope Cruz is a Buddhist. She refused to change her faith for scientology. That caused their break up.

“Wow! I am in love. She’s cool!”

Tom Cruise third wife Katie Holmes

Although Penelope Cruz and Tom Cruise were not married, their love story meant a lot for the actor. After their break up he looked quite confused. Tom’s fans hoped, that one day some beautiful lady would cure his broken heart.

And that lady appeared soon. In 2005 Tom Cruise was a guest at Oprah Winfrey show again. There he behaved too weird, jumped over the couch and stood on one knee. After that he shared great news – Cruise started dating the beauty Katie Holmes.

Tom Cruise jumps on the couch at Oprah Winfrey show

The young actress met Tom at a party in New York. Then she poured champaign on Cruise’s classy shirt. But that act didn’t annoy the actor, and he began to talk to young Katie, who had just started her career in Hollywood.

Later Holmes opened up, that she had a crash on Tom Cruise in her teens. Katie bought boards with the smiling actor and told her friends, that she wants to marry him.

 Cruise was 44 that time, when he met Kati, and she was just 27. The experienced hearteater, Cruise thought, he couldn’t fall in love again.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes at a party

But Katie Holmes captured his heart immediately. It seemed that Holmes’ love changed Tom. A very private person, Cruise never got tired to kiss and hug Katie in public. He shouted “I am in love. She’s cool!” at Oprah’s show.

Tom proposed Katie Holmes two months after their meeting. Soon she brought her fiancé great news – she was pregnant. In 2006 Katie Holmes gave a birth to Tom Cruise’s only one biological child – a daughter Suri.

They wedded, when Suri was six months old. Tom put 100% of efforts to make Katie happy. He arranged romantic weekends in world’s most popular hotels, bought flowers and other gifts.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes wedding

Holmes-Cruise marriage looked perfect. They served as the role model for millions of fans all over the world. That’s why the news of their break-up seemed to be a bad joke. Nevertheless in 2012 the actress Katie Homes filed divorce papers. She demanded complete custody over their daughter Suri Cruise.

Holmes has never explained the reasons of her decision to separate from Tom. But they say, again the reason was in Tom’s religious views. The actor planned to turn his small daughter to Scientology. Katie was afraid to lose Suri, so she left Tom.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorced in 2012

Currently Tom Cruise’s heart is free. Probably, his love history hasn’t been over yet!

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