Tony Parker biography
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Tony Parker Net Worth

$75 million

  • Real name / birth name William Anthony Parker Jr.
  • Occupation basketball player
  • Source of Wealth basketball
  • Country of wealth France
  • Date of birth May 17, 1982
  • Age 40
  • Zodiac sign Taurus
  • Birth place Bruges, Belgium
Sources 2017 2018 $75 million $30 million $30 million

$75 million


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0 Bitcoin

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How Much is Tony Parker Worth?

Men know Tony Parker as a talented NBA player, while women know him as ex-husband of a hot TV star Eva Longoria.

Tony Parker owns $30 million net worth, which is expected to increase in several years, as the stellar athlete continues to earn a lot.

William Anthony Parker Jr. aka Tony Parker can boast with a successful basketball career with San Antonio Spurs. He has been playing as Spurs point guard since 2001 and continues to lead his team to loud victories even now. Although in May 2017 Tony suffered from a leg trauma and missed a part of the season, he is still an active basketball player.

Parker’s annual salary from his contract with Spurs is estimated close to $13 million. In addition he is a French national team player.

Like other athletes, Tony Parker gets profit from brand endorsements. He advertises the giants Nike, VitaminWater etc. This activity brings him approximately $3 million per year.

So, Parker can be proud of his ability to turn his talent of an athlete into cash. But what is the secret of his success?
In fact, Parker doesn’t look like a typical basketball player. He is just 6 ft 2 tall, which is not much for NBA leading player. But Tony established himself as a skilful and strong player. In 2007 he was voted as the fastest NBA player. With his support, Spurs won 4 NBA Championships.

Tony Parker’s talent is proved not just with his huge salary, but also with numerous accolades. He was ranked as 6-time NBA All-Star and 1-time NBA Finals MVP.

Many famous athletes invest the part of their income to various business ventures to remain rich after the end of their career. Tony tried his hand in business too. In cooperation with his brothers he opened Nueve Lounge night club in San Antonio. But the start-up failed and was closed within a year.

How did Tony Parker start his way on top?

Tony Parker Bio and Career

The future basketball star Tony Parker was born in Bruges, Belgium in a family of pro basketball player (father) and a model (mother). Later his parents moved to France.

Inspired by his father, Parker started to practice basketball at an early age, but he didn’t feel that it was his cup of tea. Tony’s big love was football and he planned to focus his efforts on this kind of sports.

But Parker changed his mind, when he watched the movie about life and career of legendary Michael Jordan. That made him change the plans and start practicing basketball.

Having graduated from school, Tony entered National Institute of Sport in Paris. He played as the point guard for the university team and soon gained recognition as a rising basketball star.

The managers of rich reputable teams turned their heads to young Tony Parker. Soon he was drafted by Paris Basket Racing.

He transferred to San Antonio Spurs in 2001. Till now Tony Parker’s life is closely connected with this team. His play there served as the main source of his wealth. The part of his income Tony spent to get the luxurious mansion.


Each fan dreams to go inside the magnificent mansion his favorite star lives at. Now especially for Tony Parker’s fans here’s one of his residences – San Antonio mansion. The incredibly beautiful estate is estimated close to $8 million. It is really worth a king!

Alongside San Antonio home, Parker also has a rancho in Anaqua Springs. Not long ago Tony put this home on sale. He asks just $895, 000 per it.

In fact, that sum seems really modest in comparison with beauty of the house.

The residence consists of 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. It includes a media room, a comfortable living room, a chef kitchen and a spacious backyard area.

Parker used to live in this house with his ex-wife Eva Longoria. The couple decorated their home in all tints of brown.

They say the NBA player is a big fan of fast cars. Tony Parker is rumored to own 11 cars in his home collection. He is often seen at the wheel of Bentley Continental, which costs about $90, 000 – a nuisance for a rich Tony!


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