Top 10 Female Stars, Who Spend The Most for Their Beauty. The Bills are Broken Down!

Top 10 Female Stars, Who Spend The Most for Their Beauty

If you look bad today, the worst thing, which can happen, is that your friends upload your picture on Facebook. But if the celebrity looks bad, the profit from the concert, movie or ads campaign can be several times less. That’s why celebrities spend thousands of dollars on various beauty procedures, hairdo and makeup every month. Here are 10 female stars, which spend more than others for their beauty.

1) BeyonceBeyonce beauty cost

Monthly Bill: $85, 000

Beyonce’s name constantly features in lists of “the most sexual” and “the most beautiful”. But the music star’s beauty costs her a pretty penny. Jay Z’s wife spends about $85, 000 per month for various beauty products and procedures. Her annual beauty expenses are estimated at astonishing $1 million.

Beyonce beauty cost

To shine like a star, Beyonce cares about her skin and hair every day. Her cosmetologist advised the singer to use eye cream for the whole face skin and face cream for the whole body skin. Thus the star spends about $1, 000 daily for creams only. In addition she spends a solid amount for spray tan, hair care products and Botox.

Besides Beyonce never leaves home without makeup.  So, the star never regrets her money to look at least 10 years younger of her age.

2) Rihanna

Rihanna beauty cost

Monthly Bill: $64, 000 per beauty specialists

Rihanna is an exotic flower, which catches people’s eyes by the rare beauty. Ri likes facial and hair masks, wears lash extensions and gets tanned regularly. To look perfect, the pop star has hired numerous beauty specialists, who travel with her around the world and help her with beauty routine.

Rihana’s dermatologist earns $9, 000 per month. Her eye lash artist is paid $4, 500 per month. For such a huge salary Rihanna has a right to phone him anytime 24 hours per day.  Her makeup artist gets $3, 000.

Rihanna beauty cost

Thus Rihanna spends $64, 000 every month for beauty specialists only, but it is a nuisance if to take into consideration the fact that she is ranked as one the most high-paid singers in the world.

3) Serena Williams

Serena Williams beauty cost

Monthly Bill: $44, 000 per bath procedure

Serena Williams is a unique tennis player and 22-times Grand Slam winner. The star works hard on court to earn her multi-million net worth. In her free time Serena relaxes and spends thousands of dollars on various beauty products.

Serena needn’t to spend for a personal coach, like other celebrities, as due to her work on court she maintains perfectly fit. But the athlete never regrets her money to make her skin soft and radiant.

Serena Williams beauty cost

Alongside creams, masks and body lotions, Williams likes to take a bath, full of twice purified Evian water. To make her spa procedure even more effective Williams adds rose petals to her bath. According to tennis player’s words, her skin becomes fresh and soft after such a beauty session.

To take a bath of that kind, Williams visits Miami hotel “Victor”. She pays $5, 500 per each procedure. The star takes such a bath two times per week.

4) Gwyneth Paltrow

How much does Gwyneth Paltrow spend on her beauty?

Monthly Bill: $21, 000

The other lover of expensive beauty products and procedures is the actress Gwyneth Paltrow. Is it easy to remain slim and beautiful, when you have already crossed 44th age mark? Yes, if you can spend $21, 000 per month for it.

The moneybag Paltrow denies the fact, that she has already paid a visit to a plastic surgeon. The star insists, her great body look is the result of a hard work, genetics and piles of dollars, which she spends to stay young and fit.

Paltrow spends about $2, 000 per anti-aging facial cure. To prepare it, extracts of endangered Swiss apples are used. Due to this facial remedy Gwynnie maintains her porcelain complexion and fresh look.

How much does Gwyneth Paltrow spend on her beauty?

When Paltrow gets tired after a long working day, she takes a shower and makes oxygen energizing mask, which costs her about $50.

To make her skin and hair shine, the star takes the special made cocktail, which consists of minerals and vitamins.  The vitamin therapy course costs her $350 approximately.

Paltrow is a great lover of massages, which make her body toned and slim. In general Shakespeare in Love star spends $21, 000 monthly on her beauty routine.

5) Jennifer Aniston

How much does Jennifer Aniston spend on her beauty?

Monthly Bill: $8, 000

Ellen DeGeneres called Jennifer Aniston “the most sexual woman of all times”, when Friends star visited her show. Really, Jen gets better from year to year and looks younger in her 48, than several decades earlier, when she had won the role of Rachel Green.

The secret of eternal beauty is discovered. Jennifer Aniston spends $8, 000 monthly to maintain her perfect look. Her face procedures cost $2, 000 and body care is $6, 000 monthly.

Jennifer Aniston was nicknamed as the Golden Girl in Hollywood. Her shining skin and perfect soft hair is the result of hard work of a cosmetologist and hairdresser. Jennifer spends $450 for neck ointment and $500 for Red Carpet Facials from Tracie Martyn. Aniston is a regular visitor of New York Spa. Each time she buys a huge bag of beauty products there, which costs $390.

How much does Jennifer Aniston spend on her beauty?

Many people envy, when they see perfectly fit Jennifer’s body on the screen. It’s not a secret, that Jen visits yoga coach Many Ingber, who helps Aniston to get rid of some extra calories. The star visits 3-hour yoga lessons, which cost her $3, 600 per month. In addition, Aniston spends about $2, 700 for a dietician.

Jennifer Aniston’s other beauty expenses are on makeup, hairdo, various lotions and creams. Thus the beauty spends astonishing $8, 000 each month to look like a shining Hollywood princess. 

6) Kim Kardashian

How much does Kim Kardashian spend on her beauty?

Monthly Bill: about $5, 000

Kim Kardashian was ranked as one of the most googled celebrities in middle 2000s. No wonder, as Kim is the role model for many women worldwide. She has fresh olive complexion, perfectly white teeth, long lashes and hot curvy body. Do you think, that her beauty is a gift from nature? Probably, in part.

How much does Kim Kardashian spend on her beauty?

Kim is the regular visitor of beauty salons. The star is rumored to spend 180 hours in a beauty salon each month! One of her favorites is the salon Bailey in Beverly Hills. Each time the reality show star leaves $800 there. To keep the olive color of her tanned skin, Kardashian-West spends $2, 000 each month. She spends about $300 per body lotions, scrubs and mud too. Kardashian has long artificial lashes and nails, which cost her $125 and $350 per month reportedly. The TV star changes her hairdo almost every day. She wears a pony tail, magnificent bouffant or sloppy locks. Her hairdresser takes about $2, 000 each month for it. The star spends another $500 for hair masks too.

In general the beauty routine costs Kim Kardashian about $5, 000 every month.

7) Candice Swanepoel

Candice Swanepoel beauty expenses

Monthly Bill: $3, 500

The main weapon of any woman is her beauty. The beauty for a model is not just a weapon; it is also the source of her wealth. That’s why beauty procedures have become the kind of religion for Victoria’s Secret angel Candice Swanepoel.

Candice Swanepoel beauty expenses

To make her skin soft, radiant and fresh, the model visits a cosmetologist 4 times per month. Each her visit costs her $500. Twice a month Candice pays $1, 500 for sea weeds wrapping and pilling. Once a month the beauty spends a day in spa. There she has a massage session and makes facial and body masks, created especially for her. It costs Swanepoel another $2000.

8) Britney Spears

Britney Spears beauty expenses

Monthly Bill: $2, 600

Almost 2 decades ago the sweet girl with deep rich voice released her first single “One More Time”. In early 2000s teenagers all over the world not just bought Britney Spears’ albums, but also copied her style and makeup.

Nowadays Britney Spears is a hot looking young mother, who has shining wrinkle-free skin and soft blonde hair.

To look in that way Britney spends about $2, 500 on her beauty routine. She likes lotions and creams with sea weeds extracts, makes manicure and visits SPA on a regular basis. Special secret of Spears’ beauty is massage. She takes 1-2 procedures per week.

Britney Spears beauty expenses

The pop princess has long naturally blonde hair. The beauty Britney likes to make experiments with her hairdo – she has locks, sometimes she makes bouffant etc. Spears spends hundreds of dollars for her hairdresser. It helps Britney Spears keep the status of one of the most sexual woman in the world.

9) Kate Middleton

How much does Kate Middleton spend on her beauty?

Monthly Bill: about $2, 500

The Duchess of Cambridge is considered as the icon of style and one of the most beautiful women in the world. Minimum of makeup, long loose hair and dimples – Kate Middleton is the perfect sample of natural beauty for many people all over the world. But it’s not as simple as it seems. To look naturally beautiful, Kate spends about $2, 500 each month.

The major part of that amount is spent for Middleton’s hairdo. Three times a week Kate visits a hairdresser and it costs her $75 each time. Once per month Middleton cuts and colors her hair – in fact, that perfect chocolate tint is the result of hairdresser’s efforts, not the gift from nature – and spends about $1, 000 monthly for it.

How much does Kate Middleton spend on her beauty?

The other necessary (and expensive) beauty procedure is the visit to solarium, where Kate gets that perfect sun tan. Prince William’s wife spends $118 per each visit.

The other investments to Kate Middleton’s beauty are the expenses for manicure, face care and dentist. Thus Middleton’s beauty bill is $2, 500 per month.

10) Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker beauty cost

Monthly Bill: $500 for beauty products

SJP is not the fan of shoes (like her famous heroine Carrie), but she is a real fan of beauty products. The star admitted in her interview to English Vogue, that she spends about $500 monthly for lotions, creams and shampoos, which help to keep her skin and hair fresh.

Sarah cares about her face skin every day. One of her favorite procedures is washing. Several times per day Sarah Jessica Parker washes her face with La Roche-Posay Toleriane Fluide. Each bottle costs her $30, and the star gets it several times per month. As you have noticed, the actress likes smoky eyes makeup. She wears it almost every day, even if she is not busy with some new project. To make her eye look more expressive, Parker uses Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour, which she buys for $20 each.

Sarah Jessica Parker beauty cost

SJP’s hair is not just her pride, but a source of expenses too. Sex and the City star buys Serge Normant’s shampoo and conditioner, which costs about $19 each. She uses the hair mask from the same brand. Parker likes Dream Big Instant Volumizing Spray too, which costs $25.

In general, when Sarah goes out, she washes her hair, brushes her teeth, uses deodorant and colors her eyes. She puts on lip balm too. She uses her beauty products daily, some of them she uses several times per day, so the SJP buys the new bottles or flasks every week. She spends approximately $125 weekly for cosmetics.

As you see, to look like a star, an ordinary person should run into a debt.

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