Top 10 Instagram Models: The best girls for privileged few… But we have taken a look!

Top 10 Instagram models

How to become a famous model? First of all, you should be born winningly beautiful, and then you should wait for your chance. Claudia Schiffer told that she was scouted at the disco club and Gisele Bündchen confessed that the agent found her while she was eating at McDonalds.

Nowadays modern girls don’t agree to wait for a stroke of luck and mercy. They promote themselves through various social net works. One of the most suitable online platforms for young models is Instagram.

Due to Instagram, rising fashion stars got closer. If earlier to look at everyday routine of the sexiest girls in the world was affordable only for privileged few, now each Instagram followers can learn all their secrets.

PiNetworth is always ready to inspire and entertain you. Our today article will be dazzlingly beautiful! Here are top 10 Instagram models. Take your tea and enjoy!

1. Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner is a top Instagram model

The amount of followers: 89, 7 million

The Kardashian-Jenner era started about a decade ago, and from that moment bright girls from this family are entertaining the world with their hot looks and family issues.

Kendall Jenner differs from her sisters with her model-like body and ability to make money off-Kardashian show.

Unlike her famous sisters, Kendall doesn’t like publicity. Nobody knows who her boyfriend is and how many children she plans to have.

“I am low-key with guys”, she tells.

Kendall Jenner has already become a star independently from other members of her family. At her tender age of 22 she has already saved $18 million net worth. She spends it for brand clothes and vintage cars – the girl has an extensive collection of these cars in her garage.

Kendall Jenner is a top Instagram model

Jenner is the most followed model in the world. The young star entertains her Instagram fans with numerous hot pics, where she is depicted in bikini, classy dresses, short skirts etc.

In her real life Kendall prefers to wear hoodies and jeans. She is an open and simple girl, and her fans like her for this. And follow, follow, follow…

2. Cara Delevingne

Top 10 Instagram models: Cara Delevingne

The amount of followers: 41 million

In comparison with Kendall, Cara Delevingne is twice less popular. But she occupies the second position in the list of the most popular Instagram models, and we respect it, that’s why she’s the next heroine in our list.

Cara’s Instagram page starts from several mottos of the starlet. The most interesting of them is “Stop labeling, start living”, which reflects the girl’s life philosophy.

Cara is active in her Instagram, and thus her fans share all sweet important moments with the beauty. The girl posted pics from her fashion shows, screen caps from her movies and real life photos with her colleagues and friends.

In each photo Cara Delevingne looks really serious. The girl has been working hard since 2009 – the year, when she started her career – and till now. Having gained international popularity as a model, she changed the focus of her career for acting.

Top 10 Instagram models: Cara Delevingne

In her interview to “Vogue” Cara confessed, that she had never taken modeling seriously. “Acting is real, but modeling is fake,” she tells.

By the way, Cara Delevingne is an open lesbian. Currently she is dating Michael Jackson daughter Paris Jackson.

3. Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid as top Instagram model

The amount of followers: 39, 3 million

Gigi Hadid is the girl, who had never been poor. Her father is an incredibly rich business mogul, who created numerous luxurious things – motels, hotels, restaurants and … Gigi Hadid.

As Gigi opened up to her fans through Instagram, her mother, a former model Yolanda Hadid, has always been her role model.

Following her mother’s pace, Gigi started career of a model too. Now she is ranked as one of the most popular models in the world. Her net worth is estimated at $13 million, and some part of it she earned through Instagram.

Gigi Hadid as top Instagram model

Gigi’s Instagram page is bright and funny. She shares her pics from catwalks and boasts with magazine covers.

Very often the girl is pictured with food. No wonder, because she is a well known lover of hamburgers.

4. Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski has lots of followers at Instagram

The amount of followers: 17, 3 million

Emily Ratajkowski is a model, who is not afraid to show her naked body. If you didn’t get a good look of her breasts in “Gone Girl”, where she played the mistress of Ben Affleck character, then you can follow her Instagram account, where she posts numerous almost naked pics.

Emily rose to fame as the model, who graced on the cover of a famous erotic magazine “treats!” The girl’s beauty was immediately noticed, and soon she appeared in a number of music videos, having cemented her position of a rising star with a photo session for Sports Illustrated.

Emily Ratajkowski as Instagram top model

Great looks helped Emily Ratajkowski become the queen of Instagram too.

5. Kayla Itsines

Kayla Itsines as top Instagram girl

The amount of followers: 9, 4 million

If the girls, mentioned above in our list, just boast with their hot bodies in Instagram, Kayla Itsines helps the others to create similar body.

The Australian resident, Kayla has been serving as the personal trainer since 2008. She developed her own fitness program, which really works. The girl sells her workout and eating plan through Instagram.

Kayla Itsines as top Instagram girl

She has already become incredibly popular and rich. Girls never get tired to thank Kayla Itsines for their body transformation.

6. Galinka Mirgaeva

Galinka Mirgaeva is one of top 10 Instagram models

The amount of followers: 2, 3 million

Thirty-year-old girl from Russia hadn’t been a celebrity, when she registered her account at Instagram in 2012. In spite of her beautiful appearance, Galinka didn’t become a star overnight. She struggled for her glory, but now the girl is followed by more than 2 million users.

She has already earned a solid net worth, mostly as an ambassador of Skinny Bunny Tea products.

Galinka Mirgaeva is one of top 10 Instagram models

Galinka has a perfect body shape, which makes her male fans wild. Although the Instagram star is rumored to pass through plastic surgery, still her fans value her ideal beauty and help her become richer and richer.

7. Camila Morrone

Top 10 Instagram models: Camila Morrone

The amount of followers: 1, 1 million

Camila Morrone has become an Internet sensation, when she appeared in public with the eternal bachelor Leonardo DiCaprio, and immediately was considered as his new girlfriend.

Twenty-year-old Camila is making career of a model and actress. She has already posed for Turkish “Vogue” and appeared in the movie “Bukowski”.

The girl spends a lot of time, developing her Instagram account, and as for now, she has a whopping amount of fans there.

Top 10 Instagram models: Camila Morrone

Camila Morrone Instagram page is full of her pics and videos, which are watched and commented by thousands of people all over the world. One of the most popular was Camila’s video, which she named “Me on this Sunday morning”, where the girl looked really natural without makeup.

8. Ashley Sky

Ashley Sky as top Instagram model

The amount of followers: 698, 000

Ashley Sky is 26. She comes from Brazil, but currently resides in Miami, FL. The girl rose to fame as a model. She starred in advertising campaigns for numerous famous brands, including Buffalo David Bitton. She graced in the popular magazines, such as “Maxim” and “FHM” too.

Ashley Sky as top Instagram model

Currently Ashley Sky makes her fans happy with her numerous pics in Instagram. And it turns her back with cash!

9. Beatriz Fernandez

Instagram top model Beatriz Fernandez

The amount of followers: 93, 930

Instagram has already become a sort of springboard, which can throw a person to stardom. Many fashion issues search through Instagram in order to find beautiful girls and sign them as models. Thus, the Spanish girl Beatriz Fernandez has become the heroine of CQ magazine.

Beatriz Fernandez Instagram account serves as the home for hundreds of her pics, where the girl is depicted during her trips, at the beach or at home.

Instagram top model Beatriz Fernandez

Beatriz shares with her fans passion to acting and music and plans one day to become popular in one of these areas.

By the way, Beatriz is not just beautiful; she is smart and talented too. Before becoming a model and Instagram star, she used to study Podiatry.

10. Charlie Austin

Top 10 Instagram models: Charlie Austin

The amount of followers: 51, 300

The last, but not the least Instagram top model is Charlie Austin. The model, who calls herself as “coat hanger”, started her Instagram account in January, 2012, and has already developed a large fan base.

People all over the world visit Charlie Austin page to watch her numerous pictures. The girl posts pics of cats, healthy food and of course of herself – in evening gowns and bikini.

Top 10 Instagram models: Charlie Austin

These top 10 Instagram models have become celebrities. Enjoy their beauty and try to become an Instagram star yourself. Why not?

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