Top 10 Trophy Wives: Is It Expensive to Marry a Beauty?

Top 10 Trophy Wives

He has gray-haired temples and gold (a lot of gold) in his pocket, and she has unbelievable beauty and the last crumpled dollar in her hands. Do they have a chance for a shared future? Do they have the right to happiness?

Marriages between young, but poor like church mice, beauties and solid rich men in golden age are not a rare thing. Such women are called “trophy wives” and such men are “vampires, who feed on young bodies”. But such couples assure you, that they “have finally found real love”.

Is it expensive to marry a young beauty? And is it possible to buy a happy marriage? We have collected 10 great stories about big money and enormous love.

1) Anna Nicole Smith and James Howard Marshall II

 Anna Nicole Smith and James Howard Marshall II

Age Difference: 62 years

Husbands Net Worth: $12 billion

Born Vickie Lynn Hogan, mostly known as Anna Nicole Smith, has always dreamed to become rich and famous. And she glorified her name, but not with her movie roles or fashion shows, but with her marriage to an oil tycoon James Howard Marshall II.

James made a great career, starting from dean’s assistant at Yale Law School and ending with the founder of his own company “Marshall Petroleum”.The lawyer, academician and talented oil tycoon, he lost his mind, when noticed a hot stripteaser at Gigi’s night club. Anna Nicole Smith didn’t look like an average model – her hips were too wide and her breasts were too big. But her curvy body and long blonde hair made 89-year old Howard crazy. They started dating. He showered Anna Nicole with presents and supported her career of a model and actress. And she… As Larry Birkhead, the father of Anna Nicole’s daughter Dannielynn, told in his interview later, the model really loved Howard too. James Howard Marshall cared about her like a father (Anna Nicole was raised by a single mother) and made her feel protected. They got married in June, 1994, and he promised to leave Anna Nicole Smith the half of his huge wealth. They lived together during 14 months, till Howard’s death. After that Anna Nicole Smith started a long court battle for his billions and a long personal battle with drugs.

 James Howard Marshall's trophy wife Anna Nicole Smith

In 2007 the beauty unexpectedly passed away because of drug overdose. Probably, those 14 months with her old ill husband were really the best in her short unhappy life.

2) Talulah Riley and Elon Mask 

Talulah Riley and Elon Mask 

Age Difference: 14 years

Husband’s Net Worth: $21, 8 billion

Elon Mask is a legendary entrepreneur, co-founder of Paypal, the head of Tesla and creator of commercial aerospace company SpaceX. The billionaire had already been married with a writer Justine Wilson and they were bringing up 5 children together.

In 2008 Elon filed for divorce with his first wife. He was depressed, had a terrible stomachache and worried about his business. His friend wanted to cheer Elon up. He took Mask to one of London night clubs, where he met a young actress Talulah Riley.

She has already appeared in a number of quite successful films, but still her wallet was not so fat and her heart was still empty. Talulah liked a handsome billionaire with big clever eyes. He was blinded with her tender beauty and looked quite nervous.

Talulah and Elon started dating and finally got married. The actress, who has already played a supportive role in “Pride & Prejudice”, considered herself as a young star. Elon, who was still struggling for his success, worked 18 hours per day and could call to his workers at night, just near his sleeping young wife, to give them necessary instructions.

Elon Mask trophy wifeTalulah Riley

They divorced in 2012 and Talulah got $4, 6 million from her rich husband – a nuisance for him – and really great money for her. Thus he wanted to apologize for his constant work and rumored love affair with Cameron Diaz. In 2013 they re-married again.

Elon and Talulah filed for their second divorce in 2016. They remained friends. Talulah Riley lost her husband’s billions, but probably, found peace in her heart.

3) Oksana Grigorieva and Mel Gibson

Oksana Grigorieva and Mel Gibson

Age Difference: 14 years

Husband’s Net Worth: $425 million

The musician from Russia, Oksana Grigorieva was born in a small provincial town in then-soviet Russia. The beautiful hard-working woman did everything she could to cope with poverty. She started to learn music at the age of 3, moved to Great Britain and found a husband there with whom she divorced soon, but got British citizenship.

In 2009 Oksana Grigorieva got a chance to increase her wealth and popularity – she met a Hollywood star Mel Gibson.

 Mel Gibson's ex-partner Oksana Grigorieva

He was already middle-aged, still handsome and incredibly rich. Mel was still married Robyn Moore, but they hadn’t already lived together. Although Oksana hadn’t become Mel Gibson’s wife officially, she gave a birth to his daughter Lucia.

Their separation was classically terrible. Oksana accused Mel in domestic violence and he did everything he could to leave her without money (at first he was going to pay his ex-love $15 million). Now Gibson hates Slavic women.

4) Melania Trump and Donald Trump

Melania Trump and Donald Trump

Age Difference: 24 years

Husband’s Net Worth: $3, 5 billion

Melania Trump is one more beautiful woman, who married a rich famous man. Currently she is the First Lady in USA, but is she really happy?

They got married in 2005, and their wedding is considered as one of the most expensive in the world. From that moment an ex-model Melania started a new life – full of expensive presents, luxury and comfort. In 2017 she got another status – of the First Lady in USA. But her marriage to successful businessman and politician Donald Trump didn’t look too happy. When Melania and Donald Trump came to Rome, the President offered his wife a hand to support her and she refused from it. Such a demonstration made the viewers of the scene feel uncomfortable. After that the rumors about the problems in Trump’s paradise spread all over the world.

Donald Trump trophy wife Melania Trump

But probably Melania, who is known by her hot temper, just let her feelings out. In any case, the beauty Melania is the best role model for beautiful young girls worldwide, who dream to become rich. She looks really perfect – with her slim model-like body, thick hair and pretty face. The “trophy wife” of Donald Trump has lots of fans all over the world.

5) Grace Hightower and Robert DeNiro

Grace Hightower and Robert DeNiro

Age Difference: 8 years

Husband’s Net Worth: $200 million

Of course, many people criticize aged machos and their “trophy wives”, thinking, that “expensive relationship” can never be happy.

But Robert De Niro and his wife Grace Hightower, who have been married since 1997, prove that even mesalliances have a chance for happiness.

Robert DeNiro's wife Grace Hightower

Grace, who was a socialite and unknown actress, met the super-star Robert DeNiro in London. They married in 1997, and then journalists discussed such an unequal marriage – a millionaire DeNiro, who could marry any model or actress, chose Grace – with her modest career and quite ordinary appearance.

Their marriage has not always been happy and they were even close to separation, but then re-united. Currently Grace and Robert bring up 2 children.  

6) Crystal Hefner and Hugh Hefner

Crystal Hefner and Hugh Hefner

Age Difference: 60 years

Husband’s Net Worth: $200 million

Crystal Hefner is a real beauty and valuable “trophy” for any man. The tall slim blonde, whose face is as beautiful as her young body, fell in love with Hugh, when she was just 26. Then Hugh Hefner surrounded Playboy Playmate Crystal with luxury and proposed her.

Hugh Hefner trophy wife Crystal Hefner

She agreed, but then cancelled the wedding and named Hefner’s lifestyle “inappropriate”.

Later the couple re-united and finally married. Crystal tells she is happy to be “the only one” for her husband and even refused from his millions, having signed a prenup.

7) Alice Kim and Nicolas Cage

Alice Kim and Nicolas Cage

Age Difference: 20 years

Husband’s Net Worth: $25 million

Alice Kim is sure, to marry a Hollywood star is not so hard as it may seem. She worked as a waitress at one of LA restaurants, when she got acquainted with Nicolas Cage. Previously a stellar actor tried to build a happy family with a famous actress Patricia Arquette and a singer Lisa Marie Presley.

Nicolas Cage trophy wife Alice Kim

Cage and Kim started dating and tied a knot in July, 2004. Girls all over the world envied Alice – she changed her modest salary of a waitress for her husband’s millions. But in winter, 2016 the couple announced their separation.

8) Shawn Southwick and Larry King

Larry King trophy wife Shawn Southwick

Age Difference: 25 years

Husband’s Net Worth: $144 million

“The old mule ploughs a straight furrow”, probably, Larry King’s eighth wife Shawn Southwick used that proverb as the guide to action, when she married a scandalous TV host. Especially if that “mule” owns an astonishing $144 million.

Larry King trophy wife Shawn Southwick

They say, Shawn and Larry are quite happy together. She even supported him, when Larry was taken to a hospital. They have been together since 1997, nevertheless they were going to divorce in 2010, when Larry admitted, he had flirted to Shawn’s sister.

9) Tamiko Bolton and George Soros

Tamiko Bolton and George Soros

Age Difference: 42 years

Husband’s Net Worth: $25, 2 billion

George Soros met his wife Tamiko in 2008. Of course, his net worth looked impressive for a woman, but she is hard to be called a classical “trophy wife”. Tamico got brilliant education at the University of Miami and ran her own company, which produced dietary supplements.

George Soros trophy wife Tamiko Bolton

They married in 2013. Tamiko is 42 years younger of her clever famous husband.

10) Elizabeth Hurley and Arun Nayar

 Elizabeth Hurley and Arun Nayar

Age Difference: 12 years

Husband’s Net Worth: $200 million

Elizabeth Hurley earns her living as an actress and model, but for most of people it is really hard to remember the names of her movies. Probably, Hurley is hard to call a gifted actress, but no doubt, she is an incredibly beautiful woman and she has always been surrounded by rich influential men.

Although Elizabeth Hurley was romantically connected to several well-known men, her only official marriage was to an entrepreneur Arun Nayar.

At first they seemed to be really happy – she gave him her fresh beauty and he cared about her, bought her presents and took her son for morning walks at weekends.

 Arun Nayar ex-trophy wife  Elizabeth Hurley

Nevertheless the beautiful couple separated three years later. Still it is not known exactly, why Liz left an Indian millionaire. Probably, an active bright woman Hurley got tired from a boring role of “trophy”.

So, we told about 10 trophy wives and their rich husbands. As a result, there’s bad news – to marry a young beautiful woman, you should own at least several millions of dollars. But there’s good news too – love can’t be bought.

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