Top Instagram Girls. Tips for Those, Who Want To Become Instagram Stars

How to become popular in Instagram?

Hello, my dear readers! Today PiNetworth team wants to tell you about one more idea, how to become a celebrity, if you are not the son/daughter of rich and famous parents. One of the shortest ways to wealth and fame is becoming an Instagram star. So, today we’ll speak about comparatively new photo editing app for mobile devices, then will have a look at top 5 Instagram girls and then will analyze the idea, how to become an Instagram star. So, let’s start.

Several Words about Instagram

What is Instagram?

Probably, you have already used Instagram or at least, you have already heard about it. But for those, who know nothing about it, here are a few words about this mobile application.

Instagram was presented to the wide circle of users on the 6th of October, 2010. Then it was an application, affordable just for IPhone users, but in 2012 Instagram has become available for Android users too. The photo sharing application has become popular immediately. Within two months only after its launching more than 1 billion users all over the world uploaded it to their phones.

Top 5 Instagram girls

Thus, the app has turned into a social net work with the ability to follow the interesting pages, to watch the pics and comment them.

Those, whose photos turned to be the most beautiful, were catapulted to stardom. Here are top 5 girls from ordinary families, who have become Instagram stars.

Top 5 Instagram Girls

1) Alissa Violet

Top 5 Instagram girls: Alissa Violet

Alissa Violet is a young baby-faced blonde, who earns her living as a model. As of 2018, she is 21 years old. Alissa has more than 800, 000 followers at Instagram.

The young girl, who was born in Brunswick, OH and then moved to Los Angeles, CA to pursue her career, started her way from an unknown girl to a social media star from posting 6 seconds videos at Vine. After that she launched her channel at YouTube and created Instagram profile. As for now, the girl plans to make career as a model and an actress. With an estimated net worth of $500, 000 she deserves PiNetworth title of self-made celebrity.

2) Malu Trevejo

Top 5 Instagram girls: Malu Trevejo

Malu Trevejo is a 15-year old girl with cute dimples on her cheeks. The girl, whose net worth is estimated at $100, 000, is still a high-school pupil. She told in her Q&A YouTube video, that she is from Cuba, but moved to Miami with her mother. The girl shared her personal life tips and tastes too: she liked Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez and Chris Brown. In addition, cute Malu has already had three boyfriends.

For now Malu enjoys her status of Instagram star. She has more than 5 million followers. In future she plans to become a singer. The girl has already released her first single “Luna Llena”.

3) Taylor Alesia

Top 5 Instagram girls: Teylor Alesia

Taylor Alesia is 21-year-old girl, who has already become popular as a YouTuber and Instagram model. As the girl confessed, she created her first social media account at the age of 13. Then Taylor was bullied at school, and she decided to find other friends through popular social networks, which could treat her well. Very soon Taylor Alesia has become an Instagram and YouTube star. Her net worth is estimated at $30, 000.

4) Hannah Stocking

Top 5 Instagram girls: Hannah Stocking

It’s not hard for a woman to become popular and rich, if she is beautiful. Hannah Stocking is the living proof of these words. She was born in Ashland, OR on the 4th of February in 1992. At first the girl rose to fame due to the videos she posted at Vine platform. Later she has become the star of Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. With $500, 000 net worth Hannah Stocking has a right to be named as self-made celebrity.

5) Danielle Bregoli

Top 5 Instagram girls: Danielle Bregoli

We have already told you about this girl in the article “Danielle Bregoli net worth”. Although her image of a bad girl is quite contradictory, still Danielle is one of the most popular and the richest Instagram stars. So, she deserves the rightful place in the list of top Instagram girls.

How To Become an Instagram Star

PiNetworth hopes, these girls inspired you to start working immediately, if you want to be become rich and famous without having influential parents or friends. But what to do to become an Instagram star? We’ve analyzed careers of these five girls and have collected 5 important tips, which will help you with your way on top.

So, follow these 5 tips.

1) Create interesting photos

Create great views is the main thing, which you should be able to do, if you plan to become popular through Instagram. People like to watch beautiful scenery, tasty food, hot male and female bodies, so the first thing you need to become an Instagram star is to create great pics.

2) Use the necessary hashtags

How to become Instagram star: Use necessary hashtags

Even if you have the best pics in the world, you’ll never become popular and you’ll never monetize your glory, if people cannot find you. So, use this “#” sign and the words, which describe your pictures, to create the hashtags. They will help the future fans to find your account.

3) Invite your subscribers from other social media

To create the initial fan base, invite the followers from the other social net works. Thus, the amount of your followers will easily increase – and the beginning is the main important thing in each kind of business.

4) Follow other people

The more people you follow, the more of them will follow you in turn. So, just search for your friends – close and distant – to follow them. And encourage them to follow you!

5) Treat it as a game

How to become Instagram star: Treat it as a game

Probably, you won’t become an Instagram star immediately. But never treat it as something too important for you. We have watched the profiles of Instagram stars – each of them is relaxed and enjoys the life and public attention. It’s just a game! You may win or you may lose – it doesn’t matter! Just try to play beautifully!

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