How Much is Trinidad James Worth?

Trinidad James is a famous American hip-hop artist whose net worth is estimated to be around $2.5 million. Possessing an enthralling personality has certainly benefited him a lot by fetching him a good amount of fortune. He has done some major concert tours and few profitable studio records.

He rose to fame out of nothing after his 2012′ debut single entitled All Gold Everything. This composition had promptly topped the best music charts all over the world. This led the artist to a successful $ 2 million deal with a prominent recording studio Def Jam Recordings. The venture was resulted in dropping out his first studio outings Don’t Be SAFE that had reached 13 number in Billboard’s US rap chart.

As of the 2013 year, the musician had announced the release of the second mixtape 10 PC Mil. After a while, he had terminated the contract with the music label and stopped producing musical works for two years. He got paid well for his unique writing skills. He earned $150,000 for composing the song Uptown Funk (2015) performed by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars. He also appeared as a collaborative artist in tandem with Gucci Mane, Wale, Young Scooter, Curren$y, Lloyd and more.

In April 2016, the artist had unveiled a new single Just a Lil ‘Thick (Juice) and then The Wake Up 2 mixtape. After deciding to present his tracks to the public on the Spotify service, he began to enjoy incredible popularity. In July 2017, long play Father FiGGa was released, which also became popular among listeners.