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Troy Polamalu Net Worth

$30 million

  • Real name / birth name Troy Aumua Polamalu
  • Occupation former NFL player
  • Source of Wealth American football
  • Country of wealth USA
  • Date of birth April 19, 1981
  • Age 41
  • Zodiac sign Aries
  • Birth place Garden Grove, California, United States
Sources 2018 $30 million $30 million $30 million

$30 million


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How Much is Troy Polamalu Worth?

The shortest way to a solid salary and international fame is to become a popular NFL player. Of course, that way is not for everyone, only for a really talented and hardworking person, like Troy Polamalu.

Although Troy has retired from professional football in 2015, till now he remains a rich person with $30 million net worth.

Polamalu’s source of wealth was his salary from NFL contracts. Troy signed his first contract in 2003 by Pittsburgh Steelers and spent 12 seasons as the safety player of the team. He was elected as Pro Bowl player 7 times and as a Super Bowl player – two times. During the years of his career Troy proved, he was a strong and reliable player. In 2010 he was named as NFL Defensive Player of the Year. After that Steelers managers reconsidered Polamalu’s salary. He got $6, 25 million per year plus bonus money.

The alternative source of Troy’s income was endorsements. In 2009 he was signed as the face of Head & Shoulders shampoo commercials.

Since his contradictory retirement in 2015 Troy spends calm ordinary life. He is not making money, but he spends a lot for charity. In addition, he promotes football as a game in China and some other countries. In 2016 he tried his hand as a voice actor and voiced a villager in Disney’s Moana.

Now Troy Polamalu is reasonable with his money and thinks a lot before getting a new house or a yacht. In his NFL days he could easily buy a car, following a sudden whim. His finances are operated by an investment company Arenda.

Troy Polamalu Bio and Career

To achieve his career peak in middle 2000-s, Troy started to play American football in his school years. He continued playing at the University of Southern California. The university team was named Trojans, and Polamalu thought, it was a sign from God for him as his name was Troy. The boy was paid scholarship and, probably, it was that first amount of money, offered him for his talent of an athlete. Troy performed well as the safety player, but then suffered from an injury and missed 4 games of the season. Nevertheless he came back and played for Trojans during his years at the University.

In 2003 Troy Polomalu started to play American football professionally. He was drafted by Pittsburgh Steelers.

Polomalu soon has become one of the best players in the team’s history. He played as a defensive player and led his team to a number of victories. Polomalu was that kind of a guy, who dreamed to play for just one team during many years. In 2007 he was awarded with the biggest contract in Steelers history. According to 5-year contract, he was guaranteed to get $20 million salary and in addition $17, 5 million of bonus money.

In 2014 his contract was prolonged. But a year later the player Troy Polomalu decided to retire. His results on the field got worse because of a number of injuries.


In 2005 Troy Polomalu wedded Theodora Holmes, the sister of his colleague Alex Holmes. The couple brings up 2 sons. The family lives in a luxurious house at La Jolla, California. He bought the mansion for astonishing $4, 75 million in 2009.

The house looks like a small personal paradise. It consists of 6 bathrooms and 6 bedrooms. In addition, Troy has all possible appliances at his house – a swimming pool, several fireplaces, Jacuzzi etc.

The back yard of the house looks marvelous too. There’s a small resting area near the swimming pool. Probably, ex-NFL star Polamalu spends calm warm evenings, drinking a glass of cold wine at the table.

The talented player is a well known car lover. In 2003, when Troy Polamalu signed his first deal with Pittsburgh Steelers, he celebrated it, getting Range Rover for $100, 000. Now the star is more accurate with his expenses.


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