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Twista Net Worth is $7 Million

How rich is Twista?

Nickname: Carl Terrell Mitchell; Tung Twista

Date of birth: the 27th of November, 1973

Profession: rapper

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: music

How Much is Twista Worth?

When Lil Wayne was just a little boy and Kanye West was just dreaming to get his first recording contract, Twista has already released his debut album and started to save his wealth. Nowadays Twista net worth is estimated at $7 million. Where does this money come from?

How much is rapper Twista worth?

The most part of Twista wealth comes from his activity of a rapper. He turned to be really talented in this area. Twista’s ability to rap extremely fast was marked by critics and viewers. He has even received Guinness award for the ability to pronounce 598 syllables within a minute.

For his talent to rap and vivid performance Twista gained a large fan base. His popularity was growing rapidly, and his earnings were increasing too. He met his big break in 1997, when released the album “Adrenaline Rush”. It was ranked as gold and occupied leading position in American and European charts.

Nowadays Twista enjoy constant income from selling of his 9 studio albums. He also makes money through live concerts and TV show appearances. Thus the fans could admire their favorite star in such shows as “Mad TV”, “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, “The Mo'Nique Show” etc.

Twista’s recognizable face and voice made him a desirable celebrity for endorsements. His song was used for Reebok commercials, which brought a rapper some extra income.

Nowadays Twista is a multi-millionaire and a renowned musician. But how did he start that all?

Twista’s Way On Top

Born Carl Terrell Mitchell doesn’t come from a respectable and rich family. He was brought up by a single mother and very often Carl and his brothers and sisters stayed without any extra dollar in the pocket. He grew up in a criminal part of Chicago, and could simply become a drug addict or murderer. But he had no time for bad habits as he was completely involved into music making.

Twista way on top

Carl was introduced to music at the age of 12, but later he fell in love with rap. For the ability to speak unbelievably fast, he was nicknamed as Tung Twista. He used that moniker later for his first stage performances.

Twista was occasionally discovered by a DJ in one of Chicago clubs. That DJ became Twista’s manager.

Although the first album of the rapper, released in 1992 and titled “Runnin’ Off at da Mouth”, didn’t become too successful, he continued to work.

The next Twista’s disk “Adrenaline Ruch” brought him international popularity. His other successful disks are “Kamikaze” and “The Day After”.

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