Uma Thurman

Uma Thurman Net Worth is $45 Million



$45 million


$45 million



Uma Thurman net worth

Nicknames: Uma Karuna Thurman, U

Date of birth: the 29th of April, 1970

Profession: actress, producer, screenwriter

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: movies

They say, a woman can be either clever or beautiful; but Uma Thurman has already proved, it is possible to combine these qualities simultaneously. She has added the third one to these two advantages – incredible wealth. The star owns $45 million net worth.

Uma Thurman has never thought about money, but she was surrounded by wealth from her earliest years. The daughter of a Vogue supermodel (mother) and Tibetan monk and professor of religion (a father), she was born to become famous and rich.

“Uma” is the name of Tibetan goddess and at school the girl was often bullied for that unusual name. She was a classically difficult teenager, who got tired from her parents’ originality. The girl found consolation in school theater and having become a school play star, she decided to be a professional actress.

With her mother’s support, Thurman started modeling. She appeared in Glamour magazine, and it was both her first modeling experience and her first money experience – the future star got her first salary.

Uma was not satisfied with modeling and still was dreaming about acting. Her finest hour came, when she met eccentric Quentin Tarantino. He looked at that woman with the name of a goddess and felt, that she would be the next goddess of Hollywood. Uma appeared in his “Pulp Fiction” and then in his two parts of “Kill Bill”.

An awarded Hollywood star, Uma Thurman earns her living as an actress and producer as well. She produced the melodrama “The Accidental Husband” and portrayed the title heroine there.

Uma Thurman is always busy with new projects, so her net worth increases constantly!

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