Usher Net Worth is $180 Million



$180 million


$180 million


$180 million


Usher net worth

Nicknames: Usher Raymond IV, Usher Terrence Raymond IV, Mr. Entertainment

Date of birth: the 14th of October, 1978

Profession: musician, actor, dancer, businessperson

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: music

Usher Earnings by Year

(estimated by Therichest)


$46 million


$30 million

 If you are looking for money making machine, which can’t stop earning, then you should pay your attention to Usher. This guy started to earn money at the sweet age of 14 when other teenagers tried their first cigarette and were partying all the time. To his 38 year old age he saved $18 million net worth.

But when Usher was in a kindergarten age, he hadn’t thought about millions of fans all over the world and tons of dollars on his bank account. He was just fond of music, sang songs at domestic holidays and soon his mother realized that her son had a talent of a musician. The family moved to Atlanta to pursue Usher’s career.

The indigo child managed to sign his first contract at the age of 14. He was noticed by musical producers after participation in a talent show in Atlanta. By chance Usher met his idol – rapper Puff Daddy, and the latter one agreed to produce Usher’s first single “I Think of You”, which had made him a star.

Usher has made his fortune due to selling of his 8 studio albums, most of which were certified as platinum and gold. He was hired by Coca Cola Company to perform their jingles. He also gave concerts all over the world. His success of a musician and his earnings increased a lot in 2004, when the star released his 4th album, named “Confessions”. It occupied leading position in USA and all over the world among other albums, released that year.

Not long ago Usher presented to his fans his 8th album, named “Hard II Love”. He has already sold about 28, 000 of its copies. 

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