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Vanilla Ice

Vanilla Ice Net Worth is $18 Million



$18 million


$18 million


$20 million


Vanilla Ice net worth

Nicknames: Robert Matthew Van Winkle, V-Ice

Date of birth: the 31st of October, 1967

Profession: rapper, musician, occasional actor

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: music

It is quite profitable to be a rapper as in case if he manages to become popular, he can easily make a multi million net worth. Vanilla Ice is one of cash kings, he managed to save a net worth of $15 million. By the way, he is completely a self made man as his family was not rich at all and couldn’t help their son to become a star.

His real name is Robert Matthew Van Winkle and the boy had never known his biological father. He was brought up by a mother and a stepfather. Robert had had two passions since his earliest years. He was fond of music and of break dance. They say, he got the nickname “Vanilla”, when was practicing break dance together with his peers at the tender age of 13.

Vanilla Ice hated school and he was almost glad, when was dropped out from R.L. Turner High School. Since then the teenager decided to become a rapper. He started his career as a street dancer and performer. Robert chose “Vanilla Ice” as his stage name and created the band “The Vanilla Ice Posse”.

At the age of 16 Vanilla Ice met his big break, after which his net worth had made a big leap forward. He wrote his hit “Ice Ice Baby” and it caught the attention of a reputable recording company Ichiban Records. The company signed the debutant and he was preparing his first album “Hooked”. Unfortunately, the deal was cancelled and the rapper managed to release his first disc only one year later with another company – “SBK Records”. Vanilla Ice changed the name of his album to “To the Extreme”. The album managed to become the first hip hop disc, which achieved the first place in Billboard 200. Thus Vanilla Ice started to earn millions of dollars.

Now Vanilla Ice can boast with his own show “Vanilla Ice Project”. He has released 6 studio albums. This made the rapper a very rich man. His additional source of wealth is his endorsements. He was noticed in commercials of Kraft Foods several years ago. 

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