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Vanna White Net Worth is $30 Million



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$30 million


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Vanna White net worth

Nickname: Vanna Marie Rosich

Date of birth: the 18th of February, 1957

Profession: game show host, author, journalist

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: television

Vanna White is a frequent guest in many American homes as she is a host of a popular game show “Wheel of Fortune”. She started to host the game in 1982 and serves as its prime lady till now. Earlier her main duty at the show was to turn the letters. Now they are turned automatically, so Vanna needn’t to fulfill that duty anymore.

“Wheel of Fortune” is actually the main source of Vanna’s wealth. During several decades of her work on the show Vanna changed her dresses 6, 000 times. Besides she saved $30 million net worth.

Vanna White was brought up by a mother and a stepfather, who earned his living as a real estate agent. When Vanna started her career, she took her stepfather’s surname. The niece of an actress Lynda Day George, Vanna decided from her teens that she would make career in show business. After graduation from high school, Vanna briefly attended Atlanta School of Fashion. She earned her first salary as a model. Vanna earnings at the beginning of her career were very low, and to increase her salary, she had visited numerous auditions. She dreamed to get a small cinema role.

Miss White got initial recognition as an actress, having appeared in such films as “Gypsy Angels”, “Graduation Day”, “Looker” etc.

Vanna White breaking year was 1982. Then she was cast as the host of the TV game “Wheel of Fortune”. She defeated more than 200 candidates and won this position. After that she started to accumulate her net worth.

Now Vanna White earnings are estimated as $8 million annually (according to Celebritynetworth). Although mostly she is busy with her host duties, the star also makes cameo appearances in various TV and big screen projects, which are highly paid, of course. Vanna featured in “L. A. Law”, “Full House” etc.

She made some cash as an author in late 80s, when she released autobiography book “Vanna Speaks!”

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