Vikas Oberoi

Vikas Oberoi Net Worth is $1, 47 Billion


$1, 47 billion


$1, 2 billion


$780 million



Vikas Oberoi net worth

Nickname: Mr. Vikas Oberoi

Date of birth: 1971

Profession: real estate developer, businessman

Nationality: India

Source of wealth: real estate

Vikas Oberoi is one of the richest people in India and all over the world. According to Forbes, his net worth is $1, 47 billion as for 2016. He managed to become so popular as a chairman and managing director of his own company Oberoi Realty. The businessman owns 75% of his company stock.

Vikas Oberoi is not the founder of his company. He inherited it from his father, Ranvir. Oberoi Sr. saved a solid amount of money, selling saffron all over India. Having saved initial capital, Ranvir opened a small firm, named Oberoi Constructions, in 1985. Twelve years later his son Vikas came to his company to make it much bigger and more successful.

Vikas Oberoi got great education. He studied at the local University at first and then was trained at Harvard Business School. Later he inherited the company from his father and renamed it for Oberoi Realty. Due to his talent of an entrepreneur and deep knowledge on the subject soon he developed the company and made it one of the most profitable in India. Like Donald Trump in USA, he concentrated his attention on the real estate of premium class. Now there are many luxurious buildings in Mumbai and its suburbs, which were made by Oberoi Realty.

In 2016 Vikas Oberoi announced that he owns 4-acre plot in the midtown. He is going to build a mall and a hotel there.

The businessman is incredibly successful, but his life is not just his work. He is a married father of 2 sons and he tries his best to make them interested in studying and in music. Thus he started to play the guitar himself to involve his children into music lessons. The other hobby of the billionaire is planes. He always flies high!

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