Vybz Kartel biography

Vybz Kartel Net Worth

$2.5 million

  • Real name / birth name Adidja Azim Palmer; World Boss; Adi Banton
  • Occupation singer, entrepreneur
  • Source of Wealth music, business
  • Country of wealth USA
  • Date of birth January 7, 1976
  • Age 46
  • Zodiac sign Capricorn
  • Birth place Kingston, Jamaica
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How Much is Vybz Kartel Worth?

Very often we envy the fate of really rich and famous people. In fact, it must be so pleasant to have millions at your account and to get the most expensive cars and houses, buy luxurious watches and arrange loud parties.

But money is not a fence against ill fortune and even the owners of multi-million net worth can appear in jail. Thus Vybz Kartel, a famous dancehall singer, who owns $5, 5 million net worth, spends his life in Jamaican jail and has no chance to get out of there.

Vybz Kartel made most part of his wealth through release of his music albums. The part of his money the star earned through business – he owned the line of liquor “Street Vybz Rum”. In addition he presented his line of condoms.

Currently Kartel rests in jail, nevertheless he still releases new songs and gets profit from selling of his numerous albums and extended plays, the most successful of which are “Pon Di Gaza 2.0”, “Reggae Love Songs”, “Time To Be Free” and many others.

Vybz Kartel Bio and Career

Vybz Kartel is a contradictory performer, nevertheless it is impossible to deny the fact that he is an internationally popular star, who has huge influence on minds of people.

Born Adidja Azim Palmer started his career in 1993, when he presented a hit “Love Fat Woman”. Then he chose the stage name “Adi Banton”, which soon has become popular among the lovers of reggae motives and lovers of strong lyrics.

The young performer was noticed by managers of the band “Vybez Cartel” and he was offered to become its third member. The group soon disbanded, and Palmer used its name as his stage moniker (he changed it a little).

From the very beginning Vybz Kartel was a contradictory person. Most of his songs have become hits. Vybz was nicknamed as the King of Dancehall (a music genre, which appeared in Jamaica in late 1970s and enjoys some success till now). He is the bright dancehall singer – with his contradictory lyrics, where can be heard appeals to use gun and anti-gay slogans. “When mi buss my gun; Bwoi body drop, foot a twist like shoeslace”, these words are from Kartel’s song “Buss my Gun”.

In spite of contradictory texts, Vybz songs became popular in Jamaica in 2003. After that the singer collaborated with a number of popular artists to spread his fame all over the world. He enjoyed international recognition after the release of his hit “Ramping Shop”, which he recorded with his Jamaican colleague Spice.

In 2010 Vybz cooperated with Ainsley “Notnice” Morris and founded the recording label “Adidjahiem/Notnice Records”. After that he presented the album “Pon Di Gaza 2.0”, which made Vybz Kartel an internationally popular celebrity and millionaire. Kartel cemented his position of a famous singer, having collaborated with a number of popular musicians, including Rihanna and Eminem.

Vybz Kartel Imprisonment

Vybz Kartel success was interrupted by an imprisonment. In fact, Kartel was known by his explosive nature. In 2003 he attacked the other dancehall singer Ninjaman just in front of the audience. Both singers participated in a famous festival “Sting” and arranged a fight just during one of Ninjaman songs. Later it was rumored, that the fight was planned in advance in order to attract attention to Vybz’ music.

In 2011 the singer was arrested for marijuana possession. Later he was suspected in the murder of a businessman Barrington Burton. Then Kartel managed to avoid the punishment.

But in 2013 he was arrested again as the suspect in the second murder. In 2014 Kartel was found guilty in Clive Williams death and was imprisoned for 35 years.


Even staying behind the bars, Vybz remains a Jamaican music star and a very rich person. He was famous for arranging loud alcoholic parties in his huge multi-layer house.

The singer owned a big bike and car collection too. On photo he demonstrates his silver Mercedes Benz S Class, which costs around $100, 000.


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