Wanda Sykes biography
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Wanda Sykes Net Worth

$6 million

  • Real name / birth name Wanda Sykes
  • Occupation actress, comedian
  • Source of Wealth television, movies
  • Country of wealth USA
  • Date of birth March 7, 1964
  • Age 58
  • Zodiac sign Pisces
  • Birth place Portsmouth, Virginia, United States
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$6 million


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How Much is Wanda Sykes Worth?

One of 25 funniest people in USA (according to “Entertainment Weekly”), Wanda Sykes saved $6 million net worth. The amount is quite impressive, so what she had to do to earn it?

The main source of Sykes income is her job of a television and comedian actress. She featured in numerous movies and TV shows, which currently are considered as hits. She portrayed Ruby in “Monster-in-Law”, Carla in “My Super Ex-Girlfriend” and Rita in “Evan Almighty”.

Wanda acted not just in big screen movies, but also in TV shows, like “The Drew Carey Show” and “The Chris Rock Show”.

Sykes doubled her earnings, when she started her own show “Wanda Sykes: I’ma Be Me” and another one, “The Wanda Sykes Show”, where she served not just as a comedian, but also as a producer and screenwriter.

In 2004 Sykes added a lot to her wealth. She released the book “Yeah, I Said It”, which was sold worldwide.

Thus Wanda Sykes put a lot of efforts, working as an actress, writer and producer and accumulated multi-million fortune.  But what did she start from?

Wanda Sykes Bio and Career

Wanda comes from an ordinary American family with average level of wealth. Her father was a colonel and mother worked as a banker.

The girl Wanda was witty from her earliest years, but she had never thought about becoming an entertainer in her teens. Sykes got a degree in marketing and found a job at the National Security Agency. So, Wanda was staying in the office all day long and did boring paper work to make the ends meet.  Then occasionally she performed live as a standup comedian at a talent show and it inspired her to start another career.

Sykes fired from the agency and began to perform in the night clubs. In early 1990s Wanda made the right decision, which propelled her career. She moved to New York. There she met a comic Chris Rock, who invited Wanda to his show.

Wanda served both, as a comic and an author at “The Chris Rock Show”. Her talent of a writer and vivid manner to perform helped Sykes to get Emmy Award. After that her salary reached the new level. In addition Wanda Sykes name has become in a fix and it opened her door to big screen movies world.

Sykes created bright female characters in the films “The New Adventures of Old Christine”, “Clerks II”, “The Hot Flashes” etc.

Wanda’s talent of a comedian made her popular not just among adult viewers, but also among children. She voiced many heroes in many animation films, such as “Barnyard”, “Rio”, “Ice Age: Continental Drift” etc. Of course, she was well-paid for her voice work.

As you have noticed, Wanda Sykes’ income grows from year to year. But with whom does she spend her money?


The affluent standup actress and author Wanda Sykes owns two luxurious houses. She enjoys her Sherman Oaks residence (California), when she is busy with some show at Los Angeles. But when the actress makes a pause in her active professional life, she accumulates her life batteries in Media, Pennsylvania, where the star has a property too.

Wanda is an open lesbian. She lives together with her wife Alex Niedbalski. Wanda’s parents are rare guests in her house as they still can’t accept the fact that their daughter is gay. They were not even present at Wanda and Alex’s wedding.

Nevertheless Niedbalski and Sykes family seems to be happy. The couple became the parents of a son and a daughter (twins) in 2009. The family enjoys a great life in the big comfortable house.

Sykes has never demonstrated her home in press, but as you can see on photo, her residence is quite spacious and the picturesque view opens from its windows. It’s great, isn’t it?


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