Wendy Williams biography

Wendy Williams Net Worth

$60 million

  • Real name / birth name Wendy Joan Williams
  • Occupation TV host, actress, author
  • Source of Wealth television, radio, books, movies
  • Country of wealth USA
Sources 2018
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How Much is Wendy Williams Worth?

Tall, strong and witty, Wendy Williams is not that kind of a friend you would like to show to your mother. She always tells what she wants – and she always gets away with it. In addition she is even paid for it.

Wendy Williams income per year is estimated as $15 million. Her net worth is $60 million. What did the woman do to get such a salary?

 Wendy Williams Salary by Year (estimated by TheRichest and Celebritynetworth):

2013 $8 million
2014 $15 million


Most part of Wendy Williams net worth comes from her talk show. She has been hosting The Wendy Williams Show since 2008, and its ratings are high enough. The other part of Williams’ annual salary is her work of an actress. Although Wendy’s appearances in popular movies and TV series are quite short, nevertheless she gets quite a lot for such a soft job. She starred in “Drop Dead Diva”, fantastic TV series, and made cameo appearance in “Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates”, where she co-starred Zac Efron and Aubrey Plaza.

Like a famous TV host, Wendy Williams enjoyed a lucrative sponsorship deal with Chevrolet, but she lost it after a number of sharp comments, which most of people considered as racist. Nevertheless the star is not upset, as she gets piles of dollars for the selling of her books. Wendy is the author of more than 10 books. Some of them were ranked as bestsellers. She has written “Is the Bitch Dead, Or What?”, “The Horse: The Epic History of Our Noble Companion”, “Hold Me In Contempt” etc.

So, the contradictory TV host can be sure – her earnings are keeping increasing. But what was her way to her peak?

Wendy Williams Bio and Career

Wendy Williams doesn’t like to revise in her mind her early years, although she comes from a friendly American family. The future star grew up alongside a brother and a sister, and her parents tried their best to care about their children. Wendy differed from all the others by her fast speech, towering height and enthusiasm. She didn’t like the way she looked as most of her classmates told, she looked “like a man”. At the same time Williams was always ready to participate in “after school” activity. She was a scout girl, participated in swimming competitions and visited music lessons.

Wendy got her first salary as a radio DJ. She found the job at a small radio station at St. Croix, but soon was fired, because she liked to talk from herself, not to read the lines she was given. Williams got initial popularity as the host of her own show “The Wendy Williams Experience”, which was on air at WBLS (New York). The radio host got a winning ticket, when she moved her way on TV.


Nowadays Wendy Williams is a wife and a mother. She brings up a son Kevin, Jr with her husband, Kevin Hunter. Her show has already been on during 7 seasons, and it is renewed till 2020. Wendy’s earnings are so high, that she can buy anything she likes. The stellar TV host has bought a great comfortable house.

Wendy Williams showed her fans her beautiful home in Livingston. She has a huge mansion, which is covered from strangers’ eyes by long vines and thick foliage. While Wendy had been interviewed by People magazine, she invited the journalists and her fans to her favorite room, where she thinks over her new ideas. Williams demonstrated silver with black spots sofa with purple pillows on it, black night table and black walls, decorated with bright art works. Wendy Williams has a got a thing about black walls. She thinks the black color suits her house perfectly.

Wendy Williams has furnished and decorated her house by her own. Nowadays she can simply enjoy the rich life in the great house. And this girl really deserves it, by the way!


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