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Willie Taylor


Willie Taylor

Willie Taylor Net Worth is $250, 000

How rich is Willie Taylor?

Nickname: Willie Madison Taylor III

Date of birth: the 29th of March, 1981

Profession: singer, songwriter

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: music

How Much is Willie Taylor Worth?

The popular singer Willie Taylor has a personal net worth of $250, 000. He saved that wealth, getting salary for his performances and getting income from selling of his music records.

Willie Taylor is a singer

Willie Taylor met his big break in middle 2000s, when he was cast as the contestant of the show “Making the Band”. This reality TV series was on air during 3 seasons. In 2000 the famous music producer Lou Pearlman (who previously founded NSYNC) announced, that he was looking for new talents to create another boy band. The process of band creation was shown in detail in “Making the Band”.

One day Willie Taylor was chosen as the show contestant too. He performed perfectly, and his music caught attention of Sean Combs (Diddy). He was selected as the member of the band “Day26”, produced by Diddy.

Willie Taylor rose to fame as the part of Day 26

As the part of the band, Willie Taylor rose to fame, and his wealth augmented. As the band member, he recorded a super-successful album “Day26”, which was ranked as the best album of the year (in 2008). In 2009 Taylor got American Music Award (as a part of Day 26). In 2006 the singer presented his solo album.

Willie Taylor Bio

Born Willie Madison Taylor III made a long way to his success. He spent early years in Harvey, IL. Willie has been keen on music since a primary school age. Having graduated from school, he decided to become a full-time musician.

Willie Taylor biography facts

Taylor started his career as the member of Chicago band “Kwiet Storm”. He performed in the band during long 10 years, but then left it in order to start solo career. The young musician has already prepared his debut solo album, but occasionally was involved to “Making The Band 4” talent contest. That changed the course of his career and led him to success. 

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